New Chinese idol girl group “Hello Girls” drops MV for “Like You So Much”

QQ: Beautiful visuals and long legs! New ’95 line ‘Hello Girls’ drops MV

From left to right, Ning Xuan, Qiu Yun, Jiang Yanxi, Bunny

Hello Girls is a group made of girls that average 20 years old.
– Leader Jiang Yanxi is lead dancer, Qiu Yun is lead vocalist, Ning Xuan is the maknae and main visual, and Bunny is the lead rapper
– The group was to have five girls, but one of them suffered an accident and quit before debut

Hello Girls will officially debut sometime in 2017.
– Prior to their debut, their lead single “Like You So Much” (cpoplove translation, official not found) was released on Jan. 14

MV for “Like You So Much”


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