BY2 is full of sexy flavor as they change into 8 different outfits for “Peach Cheongsam”

QQ: 8 kinds of period dress! BY2’s “Peach Cheongsam” MV crafts a sexy dance

BY2’s leading single, “Peach Cheongsam” from their eighth album dropped on Jan. 14.
– The twins wear assorted peach flower themed Chinese qipao in the music video, transforming into peach flower geishas and tantalizing viewers with their sexy dance

The MV uses large amounts of peach flower and pink color elements to further heighten the twin’s charms.
– Peach flowers drift beautifully across a white background as the twins dance with color wax umbrellas
– The MV also utilizes Chinese brush style painting, while the song makes use of traditional Chinese opera singing and the guqin to bring listeners back into ancient times


For this MV, the twins invited Lai Weikang, a director who’s produced many MVs for Jay Chou, Faye Wong, and Jacky Cheung to direct the MV.

BY2’s “Peach Cheongsam” MV

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