[Updated] Andy Lau falls off horse and is stepped on when filming CF

Weibo: Sina Weibo

According to Hong Kong media, Andy Lau was filming a new CF in Thailand this week and was filming a scene on horseback in the countryside. The horse suddenly became out of control and Andy fell from it. The horse then stepped on his waist, causing his spine around his waist to crack. Filming was halted and Andy Lau was sent to a hospital in Thailand. Due to inconvenience in moving, he had to take a flight back to Hong Kong and undergo treatment from Hong Kong doctors. We hope he is well!


Netizens comment below:

[+75,633] (Comment from Li Yifeng) Peace, health, recover soon 

[+8,432] Oh my gosh! Why wasn’t the proper precautions taken? I hope he’s alright

[+6,965] I hope brother Lau is alright [心]

[+4,363] I hope Andy Lau is alright [失望][失望][失望]

[+2,518] I feel bad for him [悲伤][悲伤][悲伤]

[+1,149] [泪][泪] He’ll be fine

[+1,115] Thank you for bringing your best work to us. I hope you will be fine and have a good new year~



QQ: Andy Lau falls off horse and waist bones crack, goes back to Hong Kong for treatment

[+11,989] I usually don’t comment but I was really perplexed to see someone hate on Andy. What’s wrong with everyone? Hating on someone who works so hard and is optimistic. Is it really a world of brainless netizens?

[+10,140] He was my idol since young. I hope you recover swiftly

[+5,721] I hope he’s alright and gets better soon! Best wishes for Andy!

[+5,323] Andy, you’re so old already, stop running around everywhere. Just spend your money in China and do some more charity works

[+3,509] Hardworking Andy, get better soon! This is really hard to do so

[+2,187] RIP. I hope there are no horses in heaven

[+1,734] He’s filming CFs to earn money, what does that have to do with you all?

[+542] You have so much money that you can’t spend it all. Why accept such a dangerous commercial?

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