Angelababy gives birth to baby son “Little Sponge”

Weibo: Huang Xiaoming’s Weibo

Little sponge has arrived [心]Mother and son are safe and sound ​​​​


Netizens comment below: 

[+257,756] (Comment from Deng Chao) Congratulations [doge]

[+90,679] Congratulations to daddy Xiaoming and mommy Baby! This fist pump is too full of love!

[+83,606] (Comment from Victoria of f(x)) Welcome to Little Sponge [心] Congratulations to senior and senior’s wife[太开心][太开心][太开心]

[+64,481] (Comment from Lee Xiaolu) Congratulations to brother Xiaoming and Baby! [鼓掌]This fist has so much power! [太开心][太开心][太开心]The baby is great!

[+62,684] (Comment from Jane Zhang) Congratulations to brother Xiaoming and Baby’s upgrade! [鼓掌][鼓掌][鼓掌][鼓掌] A hearty welcome to Little Sponge’s arrival!

[+49,755] (Comment from Liu Yiran) Congratulations to brother Xiaoming and sister Angelababy! Welcome to cute Little Sponge

[+44,836] Congratulations to Angelababy, she’s now Angela!

[+40,458] Congratulations! I can’t believe that I’m the first one to hit like!

[+33,693] Angela mommy worked hard! Congratulations to Baby for giving birth to a small baby! Angelababy is now Angelamother! Best wishes to the baby! I hope he grows up happy and strong

[+31,747] (Comment from Zhao Liying) Baby worked hard, congratulations [心][心][心] I’ll become a fan of whoever hits like![羞嗒嗒][羞嗒嗒]

[+30,406] (Olivia Wang) Congratulations to brother Xiaoming, congratulations congratulations [心][心]

[+28,906] Why do I feel like she was only pregnant for two months! What do you guys think? Congratulations!

[+16,694] (Patrick Zhang) Congratulations to brother Xiaoming! Happiness!

[+14,939] (Company Haier) Congratulations, remember to let Little Sponge watch “Haier Brothers”



Angelababy reposted a screenshot of Huang Xiaoming’s post on her Weibo

[+64,729] (Xiao Yueyue) Congratulations to baby and ming. Best wishes to those who like my comment. I hope for promotions in 2017 and raises, and finding your other half whilst your visuals become better and better!

[+48,836] (Huang Xiaoming) Thank you to everyone’s best wishes

[+40,800] (Zhao Liying) Baby~ baby~ baby~ Oh~ Best wishes [haha][耶][挤眼] Congratulations! 🎊

[+34,218] (Chen Xuedong) Congratulations [爱你][爱你][爱你] Ahhhhhhh… I want a soft, cute thing too

[+22,103] Congratulations to baby for gaining a small baby

[+18,415] Congratulations to baby, 1+1=3

[+15,419] (Feng Shaofeng) Congratulations to you brother! Congratulations to baby! What a cute small hand! [太开心]

[+16,035] Congratulations to baby, you’re a mother[心][心][心]


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  • Xiaoshu

    I can’t imagine how good looking their son is.