Jay Chou’s warm actions on concert make fans tear up

Weibo: Sina Weibo

Jay Chou arranged a magic show for a fan during his Hong Kong concert last night. He turned a girl’s ticket for the 16th to one for the same seat on the 17th (and it was in row AA!) to treat her to another concert. The girl immediately burst out in tears! [泪] She came today and Jay said, “You wore green yesterday right? And you cried! Don’t cry, there are no tickets in the future but I’ll gift them to you.” He’s so sweet to his fans[可怜]



Netizens weigh in below:

[+2,934] Jay Chou is so warm [泪][泪][泪] Love you love you love you [心]

[+2,644] Jay Chou is really nice to his fans. He even treated them to noodles last time [泪][泪]

[+1,538] A warm Jay Chou[心]

[+1,395] Jay is just that warm hearted. He’s the best idol in the world

[+944] Jay Chou is so warm

[+710] It’s such a happy thing to be remembered by your idol

[+691] The idol with the most amount of love in the world

[+635] Our Jay really knows how to make girls happy

[+623] It’s such a happy thing to be Jay Chou’s fan

[+447] The warmest idol in the world [泪][泪][泪] I cry

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