Seven Flowers come together for a reunion on 13th debut anniversary

ET Today: Five out of the Seven Flowers reunite! Joe Chen hasn’t aged and tears up

Former Taiwanese girl group “Seven Flowers” debuted in 2004, with members such as Joe Chen, Doris Lai, Xiao Qiao, and Xiao Jie being the only ones still active in the entertainment industry.
– Doris Lai posted on her Facebook recently a picture of a reunion of the “five flowers”, with even Joe Chen (white T-shirt)  within as well
– Fans said that this was so nostalgic and brought back memories!

Doris said in her post that “old friends are the best! Reunion of the five flowers! We never run out of things to talk about when we meet up and always forget about the time…”
– Xiao Qiao and Joe Chen seemed to have shown up with bare faces, but their faces looked quite clear and taut
– The other three was wearing light makeup, and fans complimented that the ladies hadn’t aged at all
– Fans said that, “When I was young, I liked Seven Flowers the most out of all the girl groups” and “It’s so good to see you guys reunite!”

Fans also felt that it was sad that two flowers were missing.
– After the group debuted, members started quitting until four were left in the end.
– The group’s disbandment was announced in 2009, and Xiao Jie once said in a variety show that the company did not dole out resources evenly that year
– Joe Chen was the more popular out of the group and so the company gave her most of the resources, making Xiao Jie feel quite sad

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A picture of Seven Flowers when they first debuted in 2004.