Da Mouth reunite five months after their sudden disbandment

ET Today: Da Mouth in a surprise reunion five months after disbandment! Harry says that they are “his most treasured family”

Hip hop band “Da Mouth” announced their disbandment in August, 2016, and the four members are all off doing their own things now, but still remain close.
– Main vocalists Aisa, Harry Chang, and DJ Chung Hua got together on the 18th and chatted for a night
– Harry described them as “his most treasured family”, which made fans say that they “really wanted to see Da Mouth come together again!”

Aisa and Harry both posted on Facebook on the 18th saying that they had spent the night with Chung Hua.
– Harry said, “I laughed until my face went numb! What a happy night! #mymosttreasuredfamily”
– Aisa also said, “I was really happy tonight, love you all!”
– Fans were quite happy to see them together even though MC40 was missing

When the group disbanded, they were rumors that MC40 didn’t get along with the other members, which was the reason behind the group’s disbandment.
– Aisa clarified things for him that they were all very close to each other, and only split up because folks had different plans.
– She said that she would invite everyone when she held her wedding later this year, and fans may be able to see all of them together then

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