R-chord reveals the four key points to girls getting Nick Chou

ET Today: R-chord reveals the four key points to getting Nick Chou!

Taiwanese singer R-chord is known for his bold and direct style with a strong music style.
– He has many close friends in the entertainment industry, with Nick Chou numbering amongst them
– He shared on the 18th the “Four Key Points for Girls Wanting to Get Nick Chou” as well as a picture with Nick

He said that the four points were:
1) Making Nick’s mother, Bili, like the girl
2) Jumping onto a dance floor when you see one
3) Moving to Taimali township in Taichung, Taiwan
4) And keep chatting about music with him, this will make him happier then saying he’s handsome all the time
– Fans went crazy when he posted these four points, and even Nick weighed in (below) saying, “You really know me well!

Some fans even said directly that, “I’ll jump in when I see a dance floor, and will move to Taimali tomorrow. I’ll keep Nick company when he creates music everyday and of course I’ll keep saying that he’s handsome. I love you Bili, can I have Nick now?”

R-chord’s wife Keanna is an example of a fan turned to wife, and her Facebook exploded the next day as she shared the three key points to her getting R-chord.
– She said that, “You can only have admiration, patience, and a perverse love that has only the other in your eyes.”
– Many fans’ targets weren’t R-chord of course, but his good friend Nick Chou

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