Two hotel employees are fired for leaking Vincent Chiao’s passport and menu

QQ: Vincent Chiao’s passport and menu are leaked, two hotel employees are fired for this

Vincent Chiao stayed at a five star hotel in Liaoning Province a few days ago, but an intern snapped pictures of his passport when he handed it over for registration.
– The intern later snapped pictures of his menu and posted both online
– Vincent said that this was a “very low mistake.”

Vincent posted on Weibo saying that, “A hotel’s basic responsibility is to protect their guests’ privacy. A guests’ identification shouldn’t be taken a picture of and posted randomly just because you like or admire someone. This is illegal, please don’t blindly violate the law.”
– The manager of the hotel immediately apologized and said that the two employees had been fired

When Vincent learned of the hotel’s actions, he said, “I can only say that let me be an example, but I pray that there will be no more victims.”


Cnetz react below:

[+3,021] I have nothing to say about these people, seriously idiotic and shameless. They dare post an invasion of privacy to their friends? I really don’t know what you’re bragging about

[+2,046] Handsome from head to toe. Xiaoli Feidao really killed me, and his stunning eyes mesmerized so many men and women. I’m someone born after the ’80s and love him

[+596] The hotel didn’t train their employees well, it’s a flaw in their character! As much as you like someone, you still can’t take pictures of their passport! You can ask him I really like you, can I take a picture with you and send it to my friends? Everything’s fine if he agrees to it then

[+521] Just an actor! Although the employees were ridiculous, but they paid the price of losing their job! Just posting a damned menu and a passport made them lose their job! It looks like this actor’s personality isn’t all that either

[+464] He’s my dream lover

[+393] Good news…

[+264] I feel like he can perm his hair in real life as well

[+233] I only wanted to marry him when I was young

[+92] As someone from Liaoning, my heart feels so cold. We always bump into things like this and never have any good press!

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