Tao overcomes his fear of chicken on “It Takes a Real Man 2”

Weibo: Video in Sina’s Weibo

#ItTakesARealMan #TaoRipsApartChicken. The rookies were told to take the challenge of eating raw beef during a recent episode, and Captain Liu had even higher demands for Tao, notable for his fear of chicken. The captain asked him to eat raw beef first and then raw chicken. Tao asked his teammates to help but was “heartlessly” rejected. Yang Mi added on, “I think he should challenge himself.” Although Tao had been scared senseless, he still gathered his courage to take on the challenge. Our hearts go out to wuli Tao for five seconds!



Netizens weigh in below: 

[+5,364] Tao’s single handedly taken care of all the humor for the season 

[+4,933] Oh my gosh, this part made me die laughing! I’m loving Tao more and more! Hahaha

[+3,017] I’m one of those who turned into a fan of Tao. What a honest young man[羞嗒嗒][羞嗒嗒][羞嗒嗒]

[+2,635] I like Tao. He works hard and is honest. I like Yang Mi because she’s beautiful and works hard [心][心][心]

[+1,255] I confess my love for Yang Mi[心]

[+1,487] [赞][熊猫]A like for our brave Tao! You’re great for conquering the fear in your heart!

[+1,466] Tao is really super funny! His sense of variety is great~ and his character is good~ Warm[心]

[+1,136] Tao is so cute

[+1,028] Tao is becoming better and better [心][心] I’ve become his fan

[+1,003] I feel like he’s super funny. The captain almost burst out laughing a few times because of him. Hahaha.

[+930] I confess my love to Yang Mi!

[+ 806] Yang Mi is so cute, she was very strong yesterday as well


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  • Rlay

    Is there anything about zhang yixing?

  • L.A_21

    Raw beef & Raw chicken? Ewww… Tao expression is so funny though. Even, I would be disgust upon the thought of eating raw foods. XD

  • May

    Wow…this show really goes far with their concept