Tip: Eunice Kang rumored to be cast as Disney’s Mulan, amidst speculations of Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Fan Bingbing, and Ting-ting Hu

Cpoplove received a tip this week (thank you!) quoting insider casting sources that:

Disney officially announced that they will be casting Asian actors in the upcoming film Mulan, after previous controversy broke out regarding ethnicity of the cast.

Insider casting sources say that Disney is considering a newcomer “Eunice Kang” for the role of Mulan (above).
– Eunice Kang is a Canadian independent film actress who’s skilled in martial arts (muay thai and taekwondo) and multiple languages (Korean, Mandarin and Japanese)
– Eunice has been featured in FOX’s “Lucifer”
– Relatively unknown, Eunice would be a fresh pick for the movie


Eunice is the latest to join the line up of rumored choices for the role, which previously featured 22 year-old Australian actress Natasha Liu Bordizzo.
– Natasha appeared in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny” in 2016 as “Snow Vase”
– Hype was so strong that Disney had to announce earlier this week that they were still considering choices for the role
– As originally reported in Next Shark


Rumors had also swirled around Fan Bingbing (above left) and Taiwanese actress Ting-ting Hu (above right).
– Asian netizens had clamored for Ting-ting Hu as she looked very similar to Mulan, whereas overseas netizens favored Fan Bingbing due to her dominating aura that was very similar to Mulan’s personality
– As originally reported in ET Today

Mulan will be in theaters on Nov. 2, 2018


Who’s your favorite pick for the role of Mulan?

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  • May

    Wow that’s amazing! Kang seems to have a lot of merits/qualifications similar to mulan, at least from what’s said here.
    Honestly I just can’t see fbb as mulan

    • pricklypicklypear

      Agree! Kang is perfect for this!

  • Full Name


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  • Xiaoshu

    I’m sure Disney will cast Chinese actress as Mulan to attract China Box Office.

  • Dominique Lola

    Frankly, going by looks alone, Kang seems to fit better. The other two looks too plastic surgery heavy. While not necessarily a bad thing, it doesn’t really fit the image of Mulan to have a wide eyed look