Zhao Liying looks like a fairy for “DuckWeed” event

QQ: Zhao Liying looks like a flower fairy, so beautiful, so ethereal

Zhao Liying attended an event today for her newest movie “DuckWeed”.
Deng Chao, Eddie Peng, and Dong Zijian are also part of the main cast


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+7,336] So beautiful, her visuals are on par with Fan Bingbing…

[+2,828] Perfect. She’s beautiful from all aspects. Accessories, hair, clothes, and makeup all look great. Fits her very well

[+2,672] Her photos are always heavily photoshopped… I’m immune already… a ton of brainless fans are on the way… everyone please pray for me

[+2,649] Even the flower fairy isn’t as pretty as Zhao Liying

[+2,195] I support Xiaogu, support Zhao Liying. You’re always the best! I look for more wonderful works from you

[+1,386] She got popular after Journey of Flower. Super popular. I really like her. I feel that she’s real and super pretty

[+1,357] She successfully washed her image in the last couple of years. Even I don’t really hate her anymore. Ho amazing

[+1,006] Who doesn’t look good after photoshop? Show up with your bare face if you dare!

[+948] So comfortable looking at her. A natural face looks so good

[+831] You can tell that her shoes are too big

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  • silvermaoh

    her shoes are always too big, she cant find shoes that fit her. Those shoes were given to her by her fanclub so it is sweet of her to wear them <3
    The name of the movie is actually DuckWeed as per posters. ZLY is always lovely.

    • cpoplove

      Aw thanks! DuckWeed? *grumbles about Baidu search results*

      • silvermaoh

        yeah that is what I have seen

        • cpoplove

          *Definitely* saw “Move On” in Baidu search results as well. MEH! This looks much more legit. 😀 Thank you~