Zhou Libo arrested for illegal arms possession and narcotics in the US

QQ: Zhou Libo’s lawyer talks about narcotics. “Even if there are any, they aren’t his.”

Reports came out on Jan. 20 that stand-up comedian Zhou Libo was arrested in the US for illegal arms possession and narcotics.
– The US police has already confirmed this news, and Zhou Libo was released on bail early this morning

Zhou Libo has said to media that he had legal possession of arms, but this would need to be corroborated with the court to hold true.
– Although this happened in the US, even if Zhou Libo is cleared by the US courts, he still would’ve violated Chinese law and would have to face the Chinese courts when he returns to China

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+10,137] I think Zhou Libo’s not bad. At least he’s not fake. It’s almost New Year’s, and although he doesn’t wish people Happy New Year, he used the actual actions of being arrested to bring joy to everyone, haha

[+8,292] Even if you didn’t take drugs, the drugs are on your car and that makes you no one good either. And you dare say something about how Chinese people should help Chinese people. You’re the one who did wrong and bring out Chinese people to be your shield. Don’t throw away all our face.

[+4,204] The profession of being a lawyer is quite interesting. There’s a lot of psychological pressure to it. Although he knows that something’s wrong with his client, he’ll still have to say there’s nothing wrong with him in order to earn this money. Even if he knows that everyone knows what’s going on

[+3,157] Chinese people should help Chinese people? We’re not going to help you this time you druggie! Heh heh, like me if you agree! You freaking took drugs and now I have to help you? I support him being in American jail for two years.

[+2,767] Don’t bring your own personal feelings into this

[+2,618] Don’t be so self righteous with your explanations. Disgusting

[+1,932] Worse and worse. Don’t explain this. You explain this because you want to stay in China and keep getting money. Don’t talk about art either, you’re really not worthy

[+1,776] Trump was inaugurated yesterday and our secret forces traveled to China today. It’s a pity the operation failed, respect to our heroes!

[+804] This will be interesting. Illegal possession of arms and narcotics. I wonder if he’ll be taken in for a chat when he comes back

[+781] Damn it, how dare you say Chinese people should help Chinese people when something happens to you?!

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