Angelababy confirmed for season 5 of Chinese “Running Man”

QQ: Internet explodes with rumors that Angelababy will rejoin for season 5 of “Running Man”, hints found online

The official “Running Man” Weibo posted earlier today that they “had very important words to tell our family.”
– The account posted Chinese New Year posters of all the members, including Angelababy

Netizens immediately seized on this as a sign that Angelababy was returning for a fifth season.
– This post was then immediately reposted by various entertainment media outlets


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+3,483] Running Man has stopped airing for so long, it’s obvious they’re waiting for baby!

[+1,188] Stop running… you’ve already ran for 4 seasons. Is there no creativity? Running for a lifetime because you’ve borrowed a Korean variety

[+852] You can swap her out now, I’m tired of her

[+814] I finally thought she was leaving, but damn it she’s back again

[+755] She’d never be willing to give it up. She’d be quickly forgotten if she did

[+733] This woman’s acting skills are poor and sings badly. She can only participate in Running Man. If it wasn’t for Huang Xiaoming, who would know her?

[+454] I haven’t watched a single episode

[+419] Why not swap out to someone else? I’m not watching if she’s still in it

[+337] As someone who’s given birth, I feel like she didn’t give birth herself. She might’ve found a surrogate mother. But I think China should make this legal and let families be able to have a child of their own bloodlines!

[+147] A show with sausage lips, plastic surgery, and Psyduck. I’m never watching it

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  • Xiaoshu

    Her acting is ok in movie but poor in drama.

    No wonder why I’m waiting so long for S5. They a waiting for her recovery.