Eric Chou reaches his goal of becoming a diamond player in LOL

ET Today: Eric Chou: I reached my goal! LOL ranking reaches “diamond”

Taiwanese artist Eric Chou has made a name for himself with touching ballads.
– Someone who gives others a warm feeling, he’s an avid player of “League of Legends”
– He mentioned lately that not only did he beat Jay Chou once, but also showed off his latest results on the 19th on Facebook

He wrote that, “I set myself a goal and I did it! This is how I handle everything in my life.”
– This is a ranking that less than 3% of Taiwanese players have attained

Professing himself to be a super otaku, he once played Jay Chou and beat him handily.
– Jay Chou laughed that, “You should just go sing”
– Eric Chou said that, “You guys should try it as well, set yourself a new goal in the new year!”

Netizens laughed that, “You can be a streamer then! Sing and play LOL at the same time.”

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