SpeXial’s Simon rumored to have filed a lawsuit to dissolve his contract

ET Today: Fan meetings are full “but not a cent is seen”, Simon has filed to dissolve his contract

Taiwanese boy group SpeXial’s Simon has a large number of fans due to his special charisma and acclaimed acting skills.
– However, recent rumors have spread that he is the target of bullying in the group and that he wishes to leave the group first to fulfill his military service
– The most recent rumor is that his father has discovered that his management company has kept shady financial books, and so has raised a desire to dissolve their contract through their lawyer

Simon’s friends have revealed that although he’s been part of the group for 3 years, his annual income is only NTD 100K (~3.3K USD).
– This is lower than average white collar workers, and his situation only improved to NTD 1M (~33K USD) in 2016 when he won individual CFs for glasses and computer games

His father had requested monthly financial reports from his management company, but his company dragged their feet and declined to hand them over.
– He had to then send legal documentation to request a look at their contracts, but the management company refused to supply them due to nondisclosure agreements. He couldn’t even look at some individual items
– This made his father suspect that the company’s books weren’t clear
– It’s said that a lawsuit has been raised on Jan. 23 to dissolve Simon’s contract

It’s said that when SpeXial travels to promotions, members pay for their plane tickets and dorms.
– They had many events in China, and the company expressed that they would distribute profits after all expenses were paid
– However, the members didn’t see a cent even though all the events were sold out


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  • OMG this is so horrible! This reminds me of B.A.P with their agency not paying them. I hope he can come to some sort of agreement with his agency so that he can continue his career.

  • Nel

    wtf…. this is extreme

  • Sekunda Yo

    This is horrible 🙁

  • Elsa

    The advantage of Taiwanese group is Mainland China. I mean they can promote in China and earn more since both speak chinese (traditional or simplified).
    Easier to promote, to do concert, to interract with fans….

  • Elsa

    But I remember, SpeXial used to be few members…and they add more members after that.

  • mic

    :(( he’s my favorite… i think it’s messed up that they keep adding more members. i feel bad for the original 4. they added 2 more (chinese) members last year i think aiming more towards chinese market.. i know riley was in day day up