Angela Chang and Sandy Lam’s fans disappointed with involvement (or lack thereof) in “Singer 5”

Ahwang: Angela Chang not participating in “Singer 5” due to unknown reasons. Fans cry in anger

Angela Chang soared to popularity after her debut in 2002 due to her strong singing skills and popular songs.
– Conflicts with her mother led to her career being put on hold for a long time
– Fans were delighted by rumors of her participation in “Singer 5” (previously known as “I am a Singer 5”), thinking that this would be the way she could revive her career

However, as the above Weibo post indicates:

I won’t play you guys and want Angela’s fans to feel better, so that they’re not disappointed when the list of names comes out later. Angela has indeed been quiet for a long time, but due to various reasons, will likely not participate in “Singer 5”. There’s a 80% likelihood that it won’t happen. Of course things could always change, what if minds are suddenly changed one day… but I feel this is a huge regret.

Fans left many comments expressing their disappointment, with some crying angrily saying that they would boycott the show for using Angela’s picture and name for so long.



Kwongwah: Sandy Lam joins “Singer 5”, fans are disappointed. “I loved you erroneously.”

“Singer 5” started broadcasting on Jan. 21, and new episode will air every Saturday.

When news broke that Sandy Lam would be participating, netizens said they were disappointed in Sandy Lam.
– They said that Sandy’s current place in the industry, participating in the show was demeaning herself and taking down the halo of a goddess from herself
– There were even though who said they’d loved the wrong idol

Having been in the industry for 30 years, Sandy Lam has always declined to participate in singing competitions.
– Her participation this time is a result of thinking that the show format was interesting, as well as being invited for 20M RMB, but she hadn’t thought that fan backlash would be so severe

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