Request: Which is your favorite drama out of the 2016 top 10?

Weibo: WMG Poll

#FunInChengdu [The Top 10 of the 2016 TV Dramas. Which is your favorite? [心] The #2016HallofFame announced today that based on a mixture of ratings, Baidu ratings, Douban reviews, “Just One Smile is Very Alluring” became the drama fo the year. “Ode to Joy” was close behind. Which 2016 drama is your favorite?

All comments are vote ping backs.


Weibo voting results as follows:

5,062 participants:

“Just One Smile is Very Alluring”: 57.2% of votes

“Ode to Joy”: 23.1%, 

“Rookie Agent Rouge”: 5.5%

“Sparrow”: 4%

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  • LostRambler

    Top 3 were my fav. Chinese dramas had a good run this year 😁 Can’t wait for ode to joy 2!!!

  • july

    thank you for translating. I’ve been fan of Just one smile is very alluring,.Congratulation for Drama of the year.

  • yourunnie

    Love love o2o! The plot is so simple yet so refreshing!

  • Xiaoshu

    2016 is such a disappointed year for Chinese historical/costume/fantasy drama. My fav ended up to be modern drama. My top 3 : 1. Ode to Joy 2. When A Snail Falls in Love 3. Love O2O

  • Lilu Gill

    Love 020 ♥♥