“I am a Singer season 5” kicks off by changing name to “Singer 5”, Dimash makes waves in first episode

Sinchew: “I am a Singer” changes name to “Singer”, Dimash triumphs over Sandy Lam

“Singer 5” kicked off earlier this week, and seven performances in the first round stunned many fans.
Kazakhstan singer Dimash was the highlight of the night as his performance of《S.O.S D’un teerien en detresse》wowed the judges
– The judges said that he displayed perfect technical grasp of the song, and he took home the victory on his first stage
– His Weibo had only a few thousand fans before and has now expanded to over 400 thousand

Sandy Lam made the audience cry with her rendition of the classic “It Doesn’t Matter Who I Am”.
– Her voice was just as the audience remembered, and everyone beneath the stage started signing along with her
– Netizens commented that, “It’s the first time I felt that the auntie beneath the stage wasn’t acting, because my mom also started sobbing!”
– People said she should be the winner of the season, with fans saying that, “If Sandy Lam doesn’t win, I’ll make a trophy for her!”

However, Dimash’s stunning performance took home the first victory of the season.
– Michael Wong’s performance also won him many votes

Dimash’s performance on the first episode of “(I am a) Singer 5”.



Yule: Cast revealed for “Singer 5”, hard work at rehearsals

Tan Jing.


Michael Wong.


Tia Ray.



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