[Updated] Temporarily declining all Kris (Wu Yifan), Luhan, and Tao translation requests

Hello cpoplove readers,

Thank you for stopping by! It’s amazed me how much this site has grown in the few months I’ve started it. Woot cpop, cdrama, c-ent, or c-whatever! 😀 I know my updates are infrequent sometimes, sorry! I travel a lot for work and this is pet project for me, so I don’t get to it as often as I’d like. When it’s 11pm and I’m exhausted.. I’d rather sleep for work the next day. ><

I’m here to announce that I’m temporarily declining all Wu Yifan, Luhan, and Tao translation requests until further notice. The comment sections for their articles usually turn into a ridiculous mess, to which I go O_O and try to get out of everyone’s way since I’m not going to censor anything on the site.

Then people start attacking me with posts such as:

Fans of all three China line members attack me for having an ulterior motive. Actually, that’s pretty funny now that I look at it. Where are all of you when I do all the positive articles about all of them?

C-netz are opinionated, maybe even more so than k-netz. China is a country that censors, criticism about the entertainment is one of the few safe zones that netizens can talk about. Yes they are negative, yes they are nasty.

Here’s who runs this site (and I posted this in the FAQ, but it’s blatantly obvious that almost no one reads it):

Why are you so biased against ___?

cpoplove chooses the most popular articles to translate and translates the most popular comments from the articles (the ones with the most upvotes). The site strives to be objective and professional as we only translate what is at hand. If you feel coverage about your bias is too negative, you are more than welcome to send in links to positive coverage and cpoplove will prioritize that translation.

I pay for the site and the server out of my own pocket. That’s a little too much effort and time to go to just to bash someone.


Who are you and what is your goal with cpoplove?

I’m a Chinese American who’s loved kpop since the Hallyu wave grew and saw the vast numbers of sites springing up to support the kpop wave. I felt sad that there were no consistently updated sites for cpop, with regards to news, netizen comments, and rumors and so decided to start my own site. I simply want to make cpop more accessible to the greater world.

I once wrote this in response to one of the comments:

This again? Every time I post anything about Luhan, Wu Yifan, or Tao, there’s someone who says I have ulterior motives. I can only translate the comments if something’s there, I can’t make stuff up. Point out to me where I actively avoided any negative comments in any of these articles and I’ll happily apologize. I only translate the hottest comments, so if something’s buried on page 5 of these guys, I can’t find it.

Luhan negative comments. In fact it’s the first one: http://www.cpoplove.com/2016/1…
Luhan comments: http://www.cpoplove.com/2016/0…

Long L.O.R.D. interview in which Kris was half of it: http://www.cpoplove.com/2016/1…
No comments on Kris’ QQ article: http://www.cpoplove.com/2016/1…
Positive coverage for Kris & Burberry: http://www.cpoplove.com/2016/1…

Negative Tao comments: http://www.cpoplove.com/2016/1…
Positive Tao comments: http://www.cpoplove.com/2016/1…

Are we now all convinced I’m not spending my own money for servers and a website so I can go on some silly rampage against anyone’s bias? Can we stop with the conspiracy theories? It takes me half an hr or an hr to translate, it takes you guys five seconds to complain that I have a hidden agenda.

I actually thought his expression was hilarious and that this was really funny. And yes, the comments are obvious antis. But if I wrote a comment in the article, someone’s going to say “why so defensive, I wonder who’s running the blog.. hmmm..”. Damned if I do and damned if I don’t lol.

Or what’s even better, I’ll just stop translating about these guys. There. Now we’re all happy.

I was fine with the level of this level of vitriol. I figured they were coming from hardcore fans. That’s cool, I remember when I was a super stan of someone. Then I’m questioned again today, which kinda was the last straw.

My response was:

Sigh. Because of people like you. I never felt that I had to in the past and only translated the most popular posts I saw from QQ or Weibo. People like you then started jumping down my throats saying I have an ulterior motive. So now, if I see any article with overwhelmingly negative comments on any of the China line, I feel compelled to ask for more positive coverage in the same post as well. I’ve done both negative and positive for Tao in the past — I believe my last post about Tao was positive.

You guys make me feel that I’ll just stop translating about the China line. Too much trouble for something I’m doing in my free time and out of my pocket. I’m damned if I post a negative article about anyone, mocked if I say “these are just netizen comments”, and get comments like yours when I actively seek to balance coverage out. Ridiculous

And that wasn’t a comment “just out of curiosity”. If that was, you would’ve left the last line out. I’m going to stop translating about the China line the next comment like yours I get. There, you guys win. We all happy now?

After thinking about it more, you guys win. I’m tired. I’m a girl who works full time and wanted to make news/rumors/comments about all forms of c-ent more available to a global audience. I pay for the website, the server, the theme, and the plugins that make the site easy to navigate in. Instead of zoning out after a long day of work, I’m trawling through Weibo and QQ and what have you to find the most popular articles, and putting my brain to work again translating them.

For that I have an ulterior motive, an agenda, am an “asshole” and run a “cesspool”. Despite all the other very interesting, positive, and thought provoking coverage I provide. (I translated articles about celebrities supporting gay rights and discussions about relationships in which the woman is older. Whoever’s calling that a cesspool is quite narrow minded.) I’m sure the ones insulting me haven’t bothered to look at my articles about Ang Lee, update on the poor SNH48 girl who got burned, or contract woes for boy group members.

So from this moment on, I am temporarily declining all requests having to do with the China line.

Obviously site traffic will take a hit because if you scroll down to the very bottom, you’ll see that articles about Tao, Luhan, and Wu Yifan are the most popular. I just can’t take this kind of stress anymore for something I’d started to promote cpop. I have thin skin, and all the insults and smug comments about me having an ulterior motive really hurt.

Just because you’ve seen it elsewhere doesn’t mean it holds true everywhere else. We all hate being stereotyped. There are those who will roll their eyes at this post and be like “See! Agenda confirmed!!”


I hope we’re all happy now.

[Whew] Let’s switch up the mood after all that!

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And if you can’t get enough of drama scoop, stills, and info, visit Drama Panda for drama info!

Update: I’m just going to refrain from translating Chinaline articles for a long while folks. I will translate if they’re mentioned in the comments, but won’t do any centered on them.

Two translated comments on this article about CNY box office results:

was enough to trigger this:


It’s definitely a first that people are only allowed to have positive opinions. *shrug*. Chinaline fandoms, you win! Very classy. cpoplove will not translate any Chinaline focused articles for a long while. But I will translate if comments mention them, so retain some reason if you see them alright?

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  • Nel

    TRAGIC. I knew it’d end up like this 🙄

  • Gabbar Singh

    That’s absolutely reasonable, take your time! Translations about celebrities that are not these three celebrities will still continue, eh? Nice.

  • Clara Lou

    I understand the burden. Thank you for your hard work and please, take care or yourself <3

  • j d

    Wow. I didn’t realize it was this bad. Completely understand your decision.

  • Mal

    Always, always put yourself first. I seldom comment (since I tend to read your site from my office) but your efforts to bring forward cpop is very much appreciated.

  • Anne J

    oh no i am just reading this, sorry to hear that it got so bad. At the end of the day, post coz it makes you happy, more power:)

  • It Is What It Is

    Good choice, I was getting tired of the Kris/Luhan articles with the comments a mess because GOD FORBID somebody criticize these two.

    I do like your translations efforts and enjoy the coverage on other celebs! Thank you for your hard work 😉

  • Ren

    That’s good in a way. I feel like most people come onto this site just for articles about China line. And don’t really look at the other articles.

  • Lizzie

    Have been reading but never commented – good on you to take a stand. It’s your site so do what you feel most comfortable with.

    Great job with this and wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year!

  • peace is better than war

    it would be nice if u don’t translate about the 3 chinaline permanently, b’coz if u start, there will definitely some who will bash, just to defend their fav. So just let those who want to get their chinaline updated news find it elsewhere and pray to god all the news they want to see are all positive and to their liking. hope u don’t stress urself with this thing , it so not worth it. i love ur translation on the c-celeb news, and will always wait for ur update. =)

  • Barabessa
    • cpoplove

      Out of curiosity, Luhan fans are called Lufans, Lay’s are Xingmis, what about Kris and Tao? These are adorable names.

      Thank you for the support. 🙂 Sometimes I feel like closing the site down. Everyone’s hearts are made of glass and not a word of criticism is allowed to be voiced. Only fluff. sparkles, and everything nice is allowed to be posted. *sigh* That’s not how the world works.

      • Worldno17

        Kris fans are called “meigeni” (每个你), while fans of Tao are called VVHL/Hailang (海浪).
        Also, thank you so much for your hard work in translating all of these articles! I hope you’ll keep up the effort because many of us out there genuinely appreciate you for devoting so much time for these translations.

        • cpoplove

          Ooh thank you both. Meigeni is adorable! And I wonder if 海浪 has a tie in to Tao’s name somehow.

          I’m just going to do what I want and stop reading comments.. if I continue the site. I work in an academic environment where dissent is welcome and sought after, and responded maturely and thoughtfully. I’m much too naive in the craziness of fandom cultures. This has been quite a crazy trip and an eye opener.

      • Barabessa

        tao fans are named hailang and kris fans are meiginis. lufans didn’t really have a fandom name.
        your welcome and don’t worry some will always be mad

  • Matheew

    stupid people
    well for me i think first you can do whatever you want but don’t change (because of them many krishantao fans really want to read about their bias with or without good comments) like NB even if people didn’t like. i feel like some are affraid to read bad comment about their bias because some ignorant can use that to say x or y is not liked in china, he is flopping hard and that so irrelevant when china has more than 1 bill people.
    happy new china year

  • Xiaoshu

    I’m sick of seeing their comments. OMG! I have no problem with those young fresh meats. BUT THEIR STAN…

    Happy new year to you! Good Luck!

  • Evil_fan

    I didn’t know… I feel bad for you.
    More other news for us so YAY!!!
    Thanks for all the efforts and Happy New Year!

  • Moon

    Guess this didn’t stick.

  • May

    Woah I didn’t realize how bad it was. I don’t know why people are offended since quite plenty of Chinese celebrities get hated on. Just a suggestion: if people question your translations, you can screenshot the top comments during the time of your translation? Show them the receipts LOL
    I love this blog. It actually provides the article alongside references I-netz may not know. Keep up the good work! 😀

  • Garfield

    you’d probably fare better if you actually listened to criticism instead of being defensive. the person has a point about the purpose of translating mean netizen comments..

    • cpoplove

      All in delivery. Someone pointed out politely on the Trump article yesterday that I could really omit some comments because they were racist. Understood and done. None of this ridiculous mess that occurs only beneath chinaline articles. These guys never comment under any other articles, just the ones that only have a whiff of someone daring to criticize their stan.

      • Garfield

        remember what i said about being defensive? ……

        • cpoplove

          Ah. Playing the zither to a cow! 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    So sad, I liked reading Luhan posts, I hoped you could translate post about the release of Fighter of the destiny but the stupid people ruined it