Zheng Shuang interacts happily with fans in live stream after being spotted crying on the streets

LTN: Messy hair and no filters, Zheng Shuang’s bare face beats all online personalities

Zheng Shuang live streamed for the first time recently, and actually appeared in front of the camera completely barefaced and with no filters.
– Fans complimented her cute and direct reactions as a complete victory over online personalities
– The live stream was 36 minutes long, and although her hair was messy, her divine features and flawless skin was highly complemented
– Fans said that her “natural beauty shone through”, “no wonder you can live stream bare faced”, and laughed that “what will internet stars do now?”

In addition, Zheng Shuang led fans on a tour of her house and taught fans how to mix cocktails.
– Fans could see from the live stream that she had exceedingly little furniture in the house and led a simple lifestyle

Zheng Shuang showing fans how to mix cocktails.


LTN: Relationship with Tiger Hu in trouble, Zheng Shuang cries after hanging up the phone

Zheng Shuang vanished for two months after it was rumored that she and Tiger Hu broke up at the end of 2016.
– She was spotted crying on the streets herself lately, and fans’ hearts really went out to her.

She appeared in Shanghai’s airport on the 12th, and although she looked frail, she still chatted happily with fans.
– She took a taxi and left by herself, appearing in a fast food restaurant for dinner
– She’d bought two toys and was standing on the streets talking on her phone. However, she turned around and gave the toys to the employees when she hung up, confusing people greatly
– She dialed again when she walked on the streets but started crying as she spoke, making fans guess if she was crying over Tiger Hu

Zheng Shuang on the streets.


LTN: Zheng Shuang shakes off heartbreak of breaking up with Tiger Hu, steals dad’s phone to write “2017 wishes”

After a two month absence in which fans could only keep an eye on her agency or father’s Weibo accounts as she doesn’t have a personal account, fans were delighted to see her return when she posted on her father’s account on the 21st.

Zheng Shuang has a very close relationship with her father, and her father is always the first to clarify any rumors when they develop.
– Her father’s account suddenly posted on the 21st that “I hope my dad doesn’t make fun of me in 2017”
– This seemed to be in regards to her dad posting a picture of her cleaning around the house a few days ago

As for reports of her crying on the streets on the 12th, her father clarified that, “Zheng Shuang has been looking for new offices lately and have visited many locations, trying to find a favorite place. She was lost and couldn’t find the way, resulting in her crying on the phone.”
– He said that she wasn’t upset over the break up and wanted everyone to not worry


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  • 白发卡

    I hope she’s okay!

  • yourunnie

    She seems like a very nice girl but quite aloof. I hope she gets better!

  • mingi

    Hello! Can I ask where did she live streamed?

  • Thanh Bình Lê

    Can someone give me the link please?