[Updated] Celebrities travel home to spend Chinese New Year with family and give best wishes to fans

Weibo: Tong Liya’s Weibo

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and best wishes for the year of the rooster!

[+3,053] Happy New Year, the best Tong Liya[心][心][心]

[+2,229] Whoever likes my status will randomly receive a lot of good luck[羞嗒嗒][羞嗒嗒][羞嗒嗒]

[+1,549] Yaya, Happy New Year! Best wishes in the year of the rooster

[+1,234] Yaya Happy New Year! Hope you’re happy!

[+937] Yaya, wishing you a Happy New Year, hoping that all goes your way in the new year, that wealth rolls your way, work is smooth, all goes well, your health is good, and your family is happy!

[+880] Yaya, best wishes for the year of the rooster!



Weibo: Xue Zhiqian’s Weibo

Home at least…

Wishing you… Happy New Year…

Hoping for… world peace…


[+13,589] I don’t wish for you to be insanely popular in the new year, just that your health is good! I hope that everyone can get with their idols as well[doge] Happy New Year![心]

[+12,979] Whoever likes this will lose a lot of weight in 2017[爱你][爱你]

[+6,397] Happy New Year old Xue [心]

[+5,356] Happy New Year brother. I hope happiness overflows around you and that you get whatever you want. I hope you’re healthy, happy, and have time in the new year to enjoy what you like and want. I look forward to your next role, you’re always the best in my heart. Let’s work hard together next year. Good luck! Love you

[+4,077] Happy New Year, the best Xue Ziqian in the world

[+3,127] I couldn’t help but hug you from behind. Happy New Year my Xue~

[+2,628] You’re already fantastic, but the talented you needs a healthy body. Smile often in the new year, because you’re charming when you smile [心]

[+2,565] Raise your hand if you think Xue Zhiqian is the most handsome [心][心]

[+1,713] You’ve finally arrived my Qianqian [心][心][心]
Weibo: JJ Lin’s Weibo

[+3,682] Alright alright, go home and play computer games now

[+1,880] If I say JJ is the most handsome, no one will have any other opinions right?

[+1,690] Happy New Year!!! You were amazing tonight [羞嗒嗒] You can go home and play DOTA now daddy Lin

[+1,318] You were amazing! [心]

[+1,227] Old Lin, you were so handsome tonight! Wiping your nose halfway huh [笑cry][笑cry][笑cry]

[+1,002] The rare live performance in the whole show! Like me!

[+817] Were you cold? Thought you wouldn’t get filmed? You’re so cute 


Weibo: Yue Yunping’s Weibo

Mom’s new year creations.


[+17,554] Whoever’s comments make it into the top will be single forever [doge]

[+12,384] My family’s new year foods

[+8,094] I think my mom’s are most real

[+3,730] What a coincidence, my family is steaming ours as well, but it’s not as pretty as yours

[+3,545] All mom’s

[+3,303] Someone from Henan is here to explain. These are called “date flowers”, and almost every household will make these during the spring festival. Everyone will have different shapes, and we’ll do even porcupines and kangaroos during Mid Autumn Festival… I used to pick the dates off when I was young and eat them[doge][doge]

[+1,135] We made some too



Weibo: Zhang Yixing studio’s Weibo

#SpringGala It’s our first time receiving an invite to the Spring Gala, can you see that our little lamb is very emotional~ Full of sincere wishes to the audience. Yixing says that he’ll bring a healthy song to everyone today, are you all ready?[嘻嘻][嘻嘻]



[+2,291] I’m waiting for you, Zhang Yixing! Spring Gala on New Year’s Eve, Xiao Guang on New Year’s Day

[+2,154] Honored and respected fans and friends — look at how respectful he is! Our little lamb alright

[+1,477] I hope Yixing soars in 2017! Best wishes for the year of the rooster!

[+1,132] The little lambs has wings and soars in the skies. Your hard work and efforts have already been met with golden colored wings for your dreams! You inspire us to reach for our dreams, 2017 will be better and better!

[+953] Thank you for inviting him Spring Gala, this is an acknowledgement of Yixing. He was once chosen as an ambassador for a youth organization. His hardworking, kind, and honest image has always been complimented by the outside world. He does charity with a low profile and donated a million to his old school. All his actions are worthy of so much respect. Zhang Yixing has made contributions to society on behalf of all ’90s babies

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  • Dominique Lola

    Frankly I kinda feel bad they had to go back to the smog

  • pffc

    Yixing is so hardworking, he will definitely find more success in the future. He has a long way to go.