Ruby Lin shouts out to her daughter on Weibo on her birthday

Weibo: Ruby Lin’s Weibo

Thank you dear baby.

Thank you for coming to mommy’s side.

Thank you for making my life more complete.

You’re the best gift from heaven, I love you 

Thank you to everyone’s good wishes, I received them all ​​​​


[+5,098] Baby’s future visuals will defy the heavens!

[+2,330] Congratulations! May your family of three be happy

[+1,771] The baby’s visuals will be insanely high. Happy New Year, happy family!

[+1,114] Crying from happiness! Wishing boss a happy birthday, a healthy childhood for the baby, we’ll always be by your side [心][心][心]

[+898] Happy birthday Ruby and Happy New Year! Happiness!

[+799] Happy birthday sister Ruby, Happy New Year [心][心][心]

[+597] Love you like I always have [爱你]

[+462] Happy birthday my baby, hope dolphin grows up safe and sound [爱你]

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