Jay Chou’s family takes a heartwarming walk during Chinese New Year

QQ: The Chou family take a sweet walk, little Zhouzhou knows how to walk now


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+1,402] Jay Chou donated 40M RMB to the Wenchuan earthquake. He’s been saying Chinese is the best since he debuted

[+847] Yepp, I listen to Jay Chou when I’m going through a break up, listen to Jay Chou when I’m in a relationship, and listen to Jay Chou whenever. He’s my faith

[+463] Those who are commenting saying he’s not Chinese, please bring out your proof. Otherwise, don’t run your mouth. You can go listen to his songs

[+419] Someone like Jay comes once in a hundred years. A music genius, he’s absolutely the vanguard of Chinese music

[+365] It’s the new year, haters should give it a rest~ Music is without boundaries. After all, no one can measure up to him in the cpop world, apart from Jacky Cheung~

[+231] I thought they were walking a dog before I clicked on the article, really looks like a bull dog…

[+143] Someone who’s never admitted he’s Chinese is unworthy of good wishes! You can hate me if you don’t like what I say

[+83] Isn’t it just holding a child by the hands? Isn’t this normal? These brainless fans, Jay Chou must poo in a very tender position, and the smell of his poo must be very fragrant too huh?

[+60] Who is he? I don’t know him. Is he a traitor?

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