Luo Jin and Tiffany Tang melt screens at the Spring Gala

QQ: Luo Jin offers a kiss for Tiffany Tang, a look at each other is enough to melt screens

Luo Jin and Tiffany Tang appeared at the CCTV Spring Gala, melting the hearts of the audience with their interactions. (More pictures in original link)


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+6,698] Couples always think the other is perfect when they’re in love, but when problems develop one day, they can’t bear to see each other. It’s always like this

[+3,353] Hot damn, what a fat butt. This reminds me of a song…

[+2,957] I’ve seen so many articles like these lately that I want to puke!

[+1,695] Luo Jin’s eyes looking at Tiffany Tang in “The Princess Weiyoung” was full of warmth. I thought his acting skills were just then. When they announce their relationship, I knew it wasn’t a misconception. I wish them the best and hope they’re always happy!

[+1,581] They’re both very low profile and loyal. Whoever says they’re media playing just can’t bear to see others well off!

[+1,245] I feel like they’re always too lovely dovey when they go on shows. Perhaps they were requested to do so, but it’s getting a bit old

[+1,207] This woman looks just like someone from Hunan. She looks so shifty and coy

[+993] With this A cup, her kids likely have no breast milk to drink in the future

[+984] I wonder how much of a price was paid for such a good body. I admire her, but that’s all I do

[+780] Be a bit more low profile, otherwise your happiness dies fast

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