William Chan, Li Bingbing, Ouyang sisters, Gary Chaw, and Li Yifeng show off their families for Chinese New Year

QQ: How did the stars spend their New Year’s Eve?

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Ouyang sisters.


William Chan’s mother flew to Beijing to spend New Year’s Eve with him.

Zhao Liying made dumping with her family.

Gary Chaw and his family.

Li Yifeng and family.

Li Bingbing and her boyfriend.


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+14,809] Always feeling pity for Tong Liya, Xie Xinfang, Ma Yili, Yang Mi, Wang Baoqiang — those of us who don’t even make 100K a year worry about those who make millions! The hell are they suffering about? If you have the time to worry over someone not related to you, why don’t you reserve for time for your family?

[+5,080] I wonder how Zhao Liying’s dumplings taste, but that appearance looks really bad…

[+1,802] Her dumplings ripped and the insides are showing. That house hasn’t made dumplings in 30 years. Must we care about celebrities like this?

[+1,358] Zhao Liying’s dumplings… hahaha. I’m worried it’ll become dumpling soup after you cook it

[+1,166] Liu Xiaoqing’s face has gone through so much plastic surgery it doesn’t look like her anymore

[+955] Li Yifeng’s mother looks like a zombie

[+595] Liu Xiaoqing wears a hat when eating with family?

[+432] Shouldn’t Liu Xiaoqing have a child soon?

[+417] It’s easy to see several things about the celebrity who made the dumplings: 1) she’s a total scheming b*tch. Does she think putting up a picture of dumplings will make others feel she’s very simple and good at housework? But everyone can see from her dumplings that she’s just putting on an act and pretending to be an innocent girl. 2) How does she dare put up those pictures when she’s made them so poorly? What’s she playing at?

[+381] I still haven’t figured out whether Luhan is a man or woman!

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  • Yua Li Cheun

    Wow! some of these Cnetz are really horrible, aren’t they? the stars are kind enough to share their family celebration pictures with their fans, but some Cnetz just trashed them. Hey! you “terrible” Cnetz commentators, the stars shared their nice celebration pictures with their fans…if you are not their fans, then, don’t look at them…you horrible, horrible people!…go get a life!…gee whiz!

  • pffc

    I mean netz are always vocal about their likes/dislikes, but some of the comments are straight up hate comments. On the other hand, Li Bing Bing is so pretty.