2017 “Singer 5” episode 2 champion and first elimination

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ET Today: Dimash soars with high notes and is champion two weeks in a row! Warm voice Michael Wong is sadly eliminated

“Singer 5” has invited Sandy Lam, Jam Hsiao, and others to participate in the fifth season of what was formerly known as “I am a Singer”.
– Dark horse 22 year old Dimash has claimed his second straight victory with his masterful command of dolphin pitch high notes
– He sang Vitas’ “Opera 2” in the second episode, and the high notes in the chorus, as well as key changes in the end and three more high notes at the very end made the entire audience give him a standing ovation

In comparison to Dimash’s high notes, Sandy Lam put her own spin on Penny Dai’s “Rascal”.
– She was complimented for preforming that with deep emotion and secured a spot in the top 3
– Although Michael Wong’s voice is warm and has healing effects, he was in the bottom for two weeks in a row and was sadly eliminated


His Facebook post reads:

Actually, before I participated in “Singer”, I told myself that I will gain much as long as I am even able to set foot onto this stage. Apart from feeling that I’ve made new discoveries in my performance skills, what’s even more precious is that I’ve met a lot of artist friends and people in music. I’ve gained much from them and continue to learn. I want to thank my music partner Yang Yang. He really put his heart into things and gave me a lot of suggestions.

I’m going to hang onto the placard of “Singer Michael Wong”, I’ll come back in the comeback episodes!


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  • Ren

    Such a shame he was eliminated. I remember when his song Fairytale was like a super mega hit and played everywhere. Dimash is seriously good though, he deserved this win. I just watched a few clips on youtube so for the people who watched the entire show, is there currently anyone better than Dimash?