[Updated] China’s box office sales reach 784 million RMB on Chinese New Year day, “Journey to the West 2” tops results

QQ: 784 million! Box office sales break records in the year of the rooster, “Journey to the West 2” is king

“Journey to the West 2” was champion of the box office on Jan. 28, clocking in at 347 million RMB.
– This crashed through records set by “Fast and Furious 7” (346 million) and “The Mermaid” (315 million)
– “Buddies in India”, “Kung Fu Yoga” box office results all exceeded 100 million, with “Duckweed” and “Entangled Worlds” close behind

Everyone was guessing whether the champion of the new year box office sale would be Stephen Chow and Tsui Hark’s “Journey to the West 2” or Wang Baoqiang’s director debut “Buddies in India”.
– “Journey to the West 2” broke box office results in the first 16 hours, and became the highest grossing film within 19.5 hours of it hitting theaters
– It’s the fastest amongst Chinese films to break through 200 and 300 million box office sales
– However, media estimates that it will be difficult for Stephen Chow to break his record of 3.38 billion RMB set by his own “The Mermaid”

Cnetz comment below: 

[+3,127] If it wasn’t for Ma Rongjian, I really would recommend everyone to not watch “Buddies to India”. Super lousy film, utter lack of substance, punch lines are all forced, it uses self mutilation to entertain audiences!

[+2,271] JJTW2 is quite good, the entire movie was full of laughs and the special effects were good. A very imaginative movie. Those who are talking about having him return their ticket money… how laughable. They make themselves seem like God. If you don’t like it, you can go watch “Boonie Bears”

[+2,205] Stephen Chow’s film… I also think… I don’t want to say. Too many special effects make it meaningless

[+1,760] Stephen Chow is Stephen Chow. Classics are the classics. No one will ever be able to surpass them!

[+877] I watched it on Chinese New Year day. There are many parts of the movie that redid old bits of Stephen Chow’s movies. The middle part of the movie really made me want to fall asleep. It gave me the same feeling of “The Monkey King” and “The Monkey King 2” a few years ago. The special effects were highlighted, but the plot was really simple and cliche. It was one of those movies you forget about when you walk out of theaters. I’m really disappointed in Tsui Hark and Stephen Chow’s partnership

[+536] Those who like it go watch it, those who don’t like it don’t. No one’s holding a knife to you and forcing you to watch it. I’ll watch it in any case. I like Stephen Chow~~ that’s all. And, as bad as it can be, it’ll still be better than other comedies due to old monster Tsui and Master Chow’s standards!

[+458] Master Chow loves money, but I haven’t seen him film any commercials. Just this point alone makes him better than other actors, I feel

[+388] Why compare Wang Baoqiang with Master Chow? Are they on the same level?

[+287] I contributed 47.8 RMB. I don’t owe Master Chow a movie ticket afterwards. So cliche

[+177] I’m wondering, which of those superheroes in American films can defeat our monkey king?



QQ: JJTW2: Monkey King’s styling is on fire, monk becomes black hearted leader

cpoplove note: QQ split these comments out into another article. They originally appeared in the main article discussing box office results.

[+152] It wasn’t good, only the special effects were worthy of note. No plot, and Wu Yifan’s acting skills are… I don’t know what to say. It’s my first time watching him act and my last

[+123] Stephen Chow, Tsui Hark. If you need money, just give us your account number. No need to do this. I’m speechless…

[+63] So boring! No punch lines at all! Punch lines were created by cussing! That’s so stupid!

[+54] Those with low IQ won’t understand Stephen Chow’s films, that’s why you think it’s bad. Watch Wang Baoqiang’s films in the future. Anyone below 5 will understand it. No problem for you guys

[+28] I went to watch it yesterday. Waste of time. Messy plot and not funny at all. But the man beside me couldn’t stop laughing. I think he’s an idiot

[+26] I think it would’ve been better if Wu Yifan was swapped out for Wen Zhang. That kid should go back to singing and don’t act. His face isn’t suitable for the big screen

Sohu TV interview of audience reactions.



QQ: As hard as Wang Baoqiang works, “Buddies in India” is just a train wreck and not a comedy

[+169] You dare compare it to “The Eagle Shooting Heroes”???? So much courage…

[+125] The journalist should go produce their own comedy if they have what it takes, and not stand here shouting and yelling. The new year films just want to make things more lively. Must we only do patriotic films to be called a good film?

[+95] I thought it was good

[+80] Baobao’s first movie. There are areas for improvement. Good luck

[+32] If it wasn’t for his divorce, it would only be an ordinary movie. Can’t say it’s good, but it’s viewable and not awful. Because of the divorce, netizens have lauded Wang Baoqiang to a manner that is on par with the greatest directors in China, able to fight with Stephen Chow. This is a case of expectations being set too high, the baseline being too high, and the movie’s quality not measuring up to expectations and causing a backlash

[+20] I used to want to support homegrown movies and would watch them in theaters. But after a few times, I feel that damn! Am I here to spend my own money to have a tough time? I only watch Hollywood films now. As for homegrown films, go watch them if you like. I just want to be entertained and not tortured. I’ve watch Hua Mulan, The Warring States, Switch, and Monk Comes Down the Mountain

[+10] How much money has the journalist accepted to bury Wang Baoqiang here!

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  • Moon

    I thought you wouldn’t be translating anything related to Kris, Luhan and Tao? Lol, this is really quite transparent

  • Moon

    I thought you wouldn’t be translating anything related to Kris, Luhan and Tao? Lol, this is really quite transparent. Way to give paid antis a platform to spread their thoughts.

    Here are some real comments from REAL people who actually went to watch the movie!

    • Moon

      One more thing – I’m looking at the QQ article and you didn’t even translate the actual top comments? Most of the top comments are praising JTTW2. But I guess translating those wouldn’t achieve the purpose of your blog – controversy.

      • etvolare

        Wow. After all that.

      • cpoplove

        I can only SMH at your behavior and hope that you’re on the receiving end one day. You can read the two ~100 vote comments criticizing Kris but can’t seem to read the entire article that said JJTW2 set new records. Or that I was declining requests, not that I’m not posting about China line. Why are you still coming here if this site bothers you so much?

        Now, I’m going to pretend that you were a decent human being that questioned the comments I translated. I actually had an issue sorting the comments when I did this article yesterday, the highest comments I could see was that +152 one, which is pretty ridiculous for QQ articles. The votes are usually in the thousands. I thought I’d just happen to translate the article when it’d just been posted.

        Thank you for pointing out politely and with consideration that there are indeed higher ranked comments, I’ll check the article again and at the very least link your YouTube video if I still can’t sort them. Or you can screen cap them in a comment so I can translate them. Or you can translate them yourself in the comments and I’ll happily put them in the main article. Thank you for behaving with such class in a way that is a credit to your fandom.

        • Moon

          I can only SMH at the entire purpose of sites like yours and Netizenbuzz. What do you get out of translating random comments on the internet except trying to influence opinions? I treat decent human beings decently. Starting a website like this is not something a decent person would do. So you don’t get to have that courtesy.

          Like, sit for a minute and think about what you’re actually doing. That would be like if I pasted random comments from Yahoo or Facebook or something. Do you realize how idiotic that is?

          But hey, site traffic is great so I guess you were successful in baiting fans like me even if you have to sacrifice your decency for it.

          And go cry about it if you want. It’s highly hypocritical of you to be complaining about mean comments and criticism WHEN YOU TRANSLATE MEAN COMMENTS AND CRITICISM ABOUT CELEBRITIES.

          • cpoplove

            Nope, you don’t get to comment on other people’s hobbies just because it doesn’t suit your liking. You never comment on any other articles, or on any of the ones with positive comments — Chinaline or not. Or the ones about gay rights, or the crap ton of heart warming CNY posts I did over the past two days. I also just added a ton of positive comments because you so nicely let me know there were higher votes. Not a comment about those. Or you’ll say that I only added them because you “made me” to.

            If you wanted to start a site posting random FB or Yahoo comments, go for it! Freedom of speech! If I don’t like it, I won’t visit it. I won’t make it a vendetta to go on every single post that I disagree with and ignore all the other articles on your site. Since I’ve apparently a huge agenda against your bias, why don’t you start a site and translate only positive comments instead of coming here day after day? The “x” of your browser is calling out to you.

            I’m done with your fandom, your idol, and you. The 1K traffic I get everyday isn’t worth this. Come and derail the comment sections if you like, I don’t care. Learn to use Alexa and check the site’s rank. That’s how much traffic I get.

            I won’t translate any articles about Chinaline for a while. You win. 🙂 Apparently, the world is only allowed to say nice things about your bias.

          • Moon

            You call translating RANDOM COMMENTS ON ARTICLES a hobby? Well that’s a pretty sad one.

            I DON’T HAVE AN ISSUE WITH YOU TRANSLATING ARTICLES AND NEWS. Go right ahead! The problem with you is translating random ass comments from netizens and giving their comments value. If your goal, like you said, was to spread Cpop or C-ent then you can do that by translating actual news instead of mostly netizen comments. Comments don’t add ANYTHING. I mean, try to explain what you’re doing to any sane, non-kpop person and they will laugh at your face when you tell them “I translate random comments from websites”.

            Go ahead and act like a victim as if what you’re doing isn’t encouraging vitriol against certain celebrities. Congrats for promoting a toxic mentality.

          • cpoplove

            I’m beginning to think I’m doing more harm than good by feeding the troll here, but here goes.

            Just because you don’t like reading the comments doesn’t mean others don’t. Just because you see no worth in a hobby doesn’t mean there’s none. If comments have no value, no one would ever interview others or do polls, by the way. You’ve only ever commented on Chinaline articles (I believe Kris only articles too) and none on anything else, so you wouldn’t know how much my news VS comment percentage posts is. 50/50 btw.

            You can’t seem to see my other articles having to do with gay rights, state of the world, latest idol group debuting, variety shows, new song releases, or even the one clearing your beloved stan’s name of the lawsuit (no comment from you there). You jump on me/only comment whenever there’s a whisper of a negative comment about your stan. Conspiracies! Agenda! You make wild accusations and don’t bother following up when I apologize and address them. Positive comments about JTTW2? Sorry for not seeing them, I put them in. Thriving on controversy for the traffic? Nope, I get 1K page views (that’s not even unique visitors) a day.

            You’ve also managed to completely derail the comment section. Try for some objectivity and imagine someone new to all this coming in, reading all this. What will be their impression after reading our comments? Of you? Of me? Of your stan?

            Stop trying to create issues, the world isn’t always going to agree with you. I’m not the one for you to waste your effort on, particularly when I listened to all the comments and actually tried to incorporate your feedback. You really don’t have to keep sticking around, y’know. We’ve established that you think I’m sad and insinuated that I’m insane. Truly, what is someone new to all this going to think when they read all this?

            Alrighty~ Happy New Year everyone. Day 2, and in some cultures, that means going home to the wife’s side of the in-laws today. Safe travels!

          • Moon

            You know, it bothers me how you keep repeating your “Gay Rights” articles (of which there are only two “celebs in support of LGBT articles”, and then two articles of “rumored” gay relationships which I find distasteful. A person’s sexual orientation shouldn’t be a subject of gossip and you’re contributing by translating the rumors) as an argument of how upright this website is or whatever. As a gay person myself, don’t use our issues to make yourself look good. I don’t mind those articles myself but the fact that you keep bringing them up in defense is… not a good look especially when I’m calling out your comment translations which have nothing to do with those articles.

            Comments on ARTICLES have no value because they can be manipulated by sock accounts and antis. You don’t care about that though.

            You’re the one who needs to stop creating issues. You’re not ignorant of the fact that your translations can create a mess yet you continue doing it because “it’s a hobby”.

            And oh, like I said, if a sane person ever came across what you’re doing then they will laugh and be “wtf”. It’s the equivalent of spreading Facebook comments around so that’s how they’re gonna see it.

          • cpoplove

            I kept repeating my comments about articles on gay rights because you kept saying I only do negative celebrity comments, and with that you also conveniently seized on the one thing you can criticize me on. You also ignored my mention of state of the world, latest idol group debuting, variety shows, new song release articles, or even the one clearing your beloved stan’s name of the lawsuit (yup, blatant ignoring me here).

            I see that you intend on taking everything and twisting it to be an attack, an agenda, or libelous slur. Selective reading and response is the name of the game. You are also calling everyone who’s ever sent me requests “not sane”. Your views are not the world’s views, your interests aren’t everyone’s interests.

            You have also never sent me a request that would balance out coverage under this username. I apologize in advance if you have, I’ve gotten so many I can’t remember off the top of my head. It’s easy to point fingers and fling names on the sidelines, but never is action offered. Apart from attacking me constantly (to which I again reiterate, I’ve actually tried to incorporate your feedback and have been drowned in attacks again) and constantly visiting a site you think is sad, what else have you done? There won’t be any Chinaline articles for a while, so nothing of interest for you here. 😉 Let’s leave the comments for folks actually interested in the topic? I’m still nonplussed that you’re so intent on wasting so much time on a place that you so obviously disdain.

          • Moon

            Let me repeat myself since you seem to have ignored some of the things I said, which is funny because that’s what you accuse me of doing.

            “I DON’T HAVE AN ISSUE WITH YOU TRANSLATING ARTICLES AND NEWS. Go right ahead! The problem with you is translating random ass comments from netizens and giving their comments value. If your goal, like you said, was to spread Cpop or C-ent then you can do that by translating actual news instead of mostly netizen comments”

            FOCUS ON WHAT YOU’RE BEING CRITICIZED ON instead of deflecting by mentioning some articles that don’t focus on what I’m saying. Translating netizen comments does take up a bulk of your website so don’t try to deny it. Commentary on QQ articles and other similar unfiltered comment sections appeal to the lowest common denominator as evidenced by your most recent translation about Trump’s actions. What is that supposed to accomplish? Offend Muslims/refugees/people from poor countries by seeing more hate about them from other countries? You’re literally translating xenophobia.

            I didn’t care about you translating the lawsuit news because, wow, Kris has fans of his who translated that without unnecessary commentary. You do realize he has an active international fanbase?

            The ONLY reason I am here and the ONLY reason I even found your website is because you insist on posting news about Kris.

            Now that you won’t be posting news about him (I’ll hold you to that!) then there is nothing for us to discuss anymore. You obviously think your site has a bigger purpose or whatever. Goodbye.

          • cpoplove

            No, I said I would take a long break from posting about them, not that I never would. Do not put words in my mouth. Just like I originally said I was declining requests, not taking a break from them altogether.

            (I actually took a look at all my Kris articles over the past six months. There were indeed a lot of them! So many requests for them as well. Whew!) I didn’t deny that netizen comments takes up a bulk of the site? I said 50/50 news and comments? You’ve really got to consider things from another country’s perspective. Trump appeals a hell of a ton to Asian countries? Why? That goes back to history and politics. Instead of seizing on the last couple comments out of the 8 articles I translated, try considering the nuances between tnetz and cnetz. ..and that’s the whole point of the comments, to see what others think.. Try not to take everything so personally. And try to refrain from, er, screaming all the time.

            Ah, just because something isn’t translated doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It’d be more useful to use the comments as a platform to craft an argument against the opinions you don’t like. Which is how the Yang Yang fans found me. Instead of screaming at me (and I do a lot of Yang Yang articles as well), they said, “Hey, read this. This addresses a lot of what netizens say.” I read, went “Hey!! Very valid.” *post*

            Meanwhile, what we’ve accomplished here is mess of a comment section for any Kris article and ban on translating them for a while. What a shame. Missed opportunity.

            So as long as I don’t post about Kris, I won’t see you? My friend! You should’ve said this ten comments ago. 😀 I will hold you to that as well.

          • Moon

            “Meanwhile, what we’ve accomplished here is mess of a comment section for any Kris article and ban on translating them for a while. What a shame. Missed opportunity.”

            Oh god, Cringe. You actually think your translations are gold, don’t you? I don’t care about appealing to you or kissing your ass. And you banning on translating Kris is a dream come true for me. Why are you acting as if you’re withholding some treasure? LOL.

            Funny that you think the other commenters here are on your side when they’ve been upvoting my comments lol. They enjoyed the show indeed.

            Now continue trying to appeal to whoever enjoys the mundane things you post.

          • cpoplove

            No, I don’t think my translations are gold (and I thank all the folks who leave comments letting me know I mistranslated something… *sob*), just that you’ve proved my point. Many thanks.

          • lol

            everypart, why do you always act like a fucking brat every time someone doesn’t lick kris’ ass?

          • Moon

            Who the fuck are you?

          • Waffles

            comments on articles are sometimes as valuable as the article itself. in china, a lot of news is censored when it comes to political issues. also, articles themselves can be biased as hell. what would you do if they translated an article you perceived to have a biased slant against kris?

            and i requested those translations because i’m curious about how one global superpower thinks about another global superpower, because both are massive influences in this world. nobody worships chinese netizens enough to actually follow their opinions. did you see the situation with tzuyu/taiwan?

          • Moon

            “and i requested those translations because i’m curious about how one global superpower thinks about another global superpower, because both are massive influences in this world”

            That’s the danger with your request, because you actually think those comments represent an entire population. That’s the issue with websites like this. They can put disclaimers all they want but it doesn’t change the fact that translating netizen comments gives an appearance of legitimizing these comments and making people think they represent the majority. You can never get a good gauge of a population’s opinion by reading comments on articles especially in a country where there are people paid to leave whatever comment the payer wants them to leave. Go talk to real people if you want genuine opinions that aren’t influenced by who’s paid whom to upvote a comment. This is mostly real about political comments but can also apply to entertainment comments.

            The more you know.

    • Matheew

      Girl don’t be butthurt
      they actually praising more the special effect than wu yi fan acting …

      • Moon

        Oh, Lufan. How typical lmao.

        They praised Kris a lot but of course you’re being selective lol.

        • Matheew

          hmm i’m lufans now. ok

          • Moon

            Don’t think I haven’t seen you comment about Luhan in different articles 😉 You ain’t slick.

          • Matheew

            can you give the link other than that luhan article on cpop love when you and another kris stans were being childish and butthurt about him…

          • Moon

            Look, Zayn stan who also stans Luhan. We both know you stan Luhan. This is not the only website you visit. And I don’t care if you do stan Luhan, good for you, but you would be rioting if this person chose to translate the tons of negative comments Luhan got for his previous movies. Be glad they aren’t targeting Luhan!

          • Matheew

            hmmm ok if you say so. everybody get negative comments in china but you are the ones only being butthurt about that.

  • Zeynxth

    Idol fans are really an annoying bunch. This is not a Kris article – it’s an article about JTTW, and Kris is the main character. Obviously he will be mentioned. Do you expect cpoplove to omit everything Kris-related then? Then you would say she is purposely leaving him out.

    I am reading the same comments and there are both positive and negative comments on the article. In fact, there are more negative comments than positive ones. Among the positive ones most of them are praising Stephen Chow.’s comedic timing rather than Kris’s acting skills. Yes, they might be antis but it doesn’t change the fact that the movie is getting criticized as a whole.

    • cpoplove

      Can’t win. If a +152 upvoted and a +26 upvoted comment are enough to bring pitchforks out and start setting fire to everything. I’d wanted to start posting about the Chinaline after the new year, fresh start and all, but I’ll just go trash the articles instead.

      • Moon

        Good because your articles aren’t achieving anything of value.

        • cpoplove

          Neither are your comments. 🙂

          • Moon

            Great, I’m not the one pretending to be doing anything of note here, unlike you.

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  • Gabbar Singh

    Thinking of watching JTTW2 in theaters because it’ll be out here and if Duckweed is (I really hope it is!), then I’ll be watching it too!

    • cpoplove

      Thank you for getting the comment section back on track! I hope you had a good bowl of popcorn for the above lol.

      I want to reach JTTW2 when it’s out in theaters here too, even Buddies in India. Good things being said about Monkey King and the monk’s styling, I want to see them in action. 😀 And despite what reviews say as overhype-ness, I’m really curious about Wang Baoqiang’s work.

      • Gabbar Singh

        Oh, I love to read all comments, I don’t care what it is, I like reading different opinions!
        TBH, I can only speak for myself here as an Indo-Canadian but I think Buddies in India and Kung Fu Yoga, from the promotion pictures and the trailer respectively, look absolutely horrible and annoying. The blatant and subtle stereotypical moments I’ve seen… I’ll be skipping those two outright.
        Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of good things about the CGI and comedic timing of all the actors so definitely, I’ll be looking to watch that! JTTW2 is coming out in Canada in select theaters on Feb 3rd so I think I’ll be able to catch it with my friends, some of whom as international students, didn’t have time to go back home to China for the New Year 🙁 I hope we can laugh and enjoy Stephen Chow’s comedy and hopefully, they’ll feel less lonely!

    • Moon

      I’ll be watching JTTW2 as well! Loved the authentic reactions from actual audiences. A lot of the people I know loved it.

      • Gabbar Singh

        I’ve heard tons of great comments too and the most important reason for seeing this movie aside from it being a Stephen Chow and Tsui Hark collaboration is that the Chinese international students in our large group of friends all love Stephen Chow so for all of us (who know or don’t know Chow’s style), this is the perfect movie to watch!

  • LunaToown

    i really want to watch duckweed and the game changer
    lol at some people can’t stop

    • cpoplove

      *abashed* I should’ve stopped feeding them after a while. ><

      • LunaToown

        don’t mind them it’s your site so you can do whatever you want
        it’s not that it’s you who make those comments .

      • Lourde

        You are too nice and some people are taking advantage of that. This is your site, time you take out of your freetime to translate. Do as you please, post what you want to post really.

        There will always be diversity in comments. People who agree and/or disagree with you, arguments, constructive critisism, delusion…etc: this is the beauty of it. Dont explain yourself to them and just ignore them is my advise.

        • cpoplove

          Thanks, I need to grow a thicker skin. I almost wanted to delete the site because people apparently only want to hear sugar and spice and everything nice. Or perpetuate their own agendas. Sigh, I’ve only ever just enjoyed kpop music and dramas before this. I was so uneducated in how insane fandoms can get.

          I’m wondering if and when I have the desire to translate about the Chinaline again, should I just disable comments on those posts?

          • Moon

            Welp, censorship will be the new norm it seems!

          • Lourde

            Welcome to kpop fandom and ex exo members fandom lol You will learn with time how they operate 🙂 some are sane, some aren’t. Don’t let them push you around, this is your site.

            I don’t think disabling comments is the way to go. The comments section is an essential part of a post.Like i said earlier, there will be diversity in the comments and this is what is fun. However if some comments gets really out of hands you can moderate them.

  • silvermaoh

    I want to watch Duckweed. I read it did okay over 200 million. It looks like a fun movie, I think a bit like Back to the Future.