Complaints lodged that Chen Xiao was smoking in baby mom care center, Michelle Chen says apologizes tendered

QQ: Complaints lodged that Chen Xiao smoked in baby mom care center, Michelle Chen’s manager said apologies tendered

Michelle Chen’s son has just turned one month old, and she posted a picture on Jan. 28 of her recovering in a baby mom care center.
– The scene was very touching, but it was then revealed that her husband Chen Xiao was smoking in her room and the smoke impacted other rooms

Chen Xiao was frequently photographed smoking in front of his pregnant wife.
– Tips were sent saying that he still smoked when Michelle Chen was in the baby mom care center, and even the rooms next door could smell the smoke
– Although reminders were given, he still continued to smoke
– The nurse went to ask him to stop the second time, resulting in him barging out of the room and not returning until the next day

Michelle Chen’s manager expressed that, “Apologies were tendered and the incident didn’t occur again.”

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+779] These people are the worst. They smoke no matter what time or place it is. If your wife and son want to inhale your nicotine, that’s because they want to and they have no choice because you’re their husband and dad. But that’s no call for you to poison other people with your second hand smoke. How can a newborn child handle this?? Second hand smoke is more highly concentrated than yours! Already apologized? You did it again and again and even barged out of the room! Is this the attitude you should have? So uncouth!

[+506] It’s one thing to be addicted to smoking, it has nothing to do with your manners, but isn’t smoking in front of children, impacting your own wife and child, and the others in the hospital a matter of breeding? You even slammed the door in your anger! Even ordinary people doing this would be disgusting, much less celebrities. Why weren’t you the one to apologize, why did you make your wife do so? She was the one who posted the announcement in the end as well!

[+433] When one of my girlfriends got pregnant, not only did her husband quit smoking, even all our guy friends wouldn’t smoke in front of her. No matter how much they smoked usually, they would hold it in or smoke outside. This is basic respect for a pregnant woman and a protection for the child

[+228] I always want to go smack them whenever I meet someone smoking in the elevator!

[+184] For some reason, I feel like Chen Xiao doesn’t love his wife. I feel this very strongly!

[+114] Baby mom care centers are expensive… it’s 10 grand or so a month… they would definitely complain if they got second handed smoke

[+103] Fake news… even next door could smell it, pfft. Are there no doors in this hospital?

[+70] Even those from rural villages know not to smoke in public

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