Request: Taiwanese and Chinese netizens comment on Trump’s first week actions

Taiwanese comments as follows (from PTT):

Trump signs another executive order, demands defeat of ISIS within 30 days

“Do you think you’re playing Civ 4? You keep signing these orders.”

“I’m thinking America and ISIS are the same country… equally nuts.”

“Why don’t you press go on the nuclear warheads.”

“Send out the Avengers!”


“Will there be a second Vietnam war then?”

“Companies selling weapons will turn a high profit again.”

“Blast them with a round of missiles and then send in the army to clean up. No problem~ Obama’s foolish dithering killed so many people.”

“Is something wrong with his brain… it’s not hard to defeat ISIS. The problem is what then? There will be a second, a third, and then thousands of ISIS…”

“Middle Eastern countries need to be careful. America is splitting up their oil resources again. Don’t forget Iraq!”

“ISIS is almost done for alright? We just need to keep on slowly but surely. How are you going to clean up after you beat them?”


Trump gives order to expand the military, bringing the US military back to its height

“China will become the biggest winner…”

“Good going Trump!”


“This is different, he wants to fight the aliens.”

“Is WWIII about to start after a hundred years?”

“Are you guys not strong enough already?”

“Trump *wants* to go head to head with China. Come on and fight! Without the destruction of war, where will the profits to be had from reconstruction?”

“Are you trying to unite the world?

“Ohohoh~~~ I’m so excited~~ I’m so excited~~ I’m so excited~~~!!”

“Trump is really operating the US like one of his companies.”

“It’s really becoming a corporate government.”

“Even if the entire world battles the US, they still may not win. And he wants to expand their military? Going to fight the aliens now?”

“Why is it a bunch of people who’ve never served before and dumb kids yelling around on this thread…”


Why did the Americans vote for Trump if they’re so afraid of him?

“Those who are afraid of him didn’t vote for him. Those who did aren’t out on the streets complaining now.”

“I voted for him for fun, I didn’t think he’d really be president.”

“Trump won the electoral vote, Hillary won the popular vote.”

“Your logic is laughable. He lost by two million in the popular vote.”

“Hillary won by two million because of illegal immigrants. In actuality, more people support trump.”

“Hillary’s supporters are like Taiwan’s youth and supporters of independence.”

“Thanks to America’s system, Trump won it all. He lost in the popular vote. So therefore those who didn’t vote for him are out on the streets to protest against him. They lost to the system.”


How should I comfort my friend studying computer science in the US?

I’ve a friend who wants to stay in the States to work after graduation. He’ll come back to Taiwan after 6 years if he couldn’t get anywhere.

He was thinking that until Trump got elected. We were talking about this last time we ate together and he was worried that he’d have to get out after he graduated.

We could tell from his Facebook statuses after he returned to the States that his anxiety was getting worse. He always clicked “sad” on Trump news.

He just shared an article about a temple being burned an hour after Trump signed the Muslim ban, and asked if this fire will extend to him? The replies below were all offering their condolences.

Being in Taiwan, I absolutely can’t sympathize with his anxiety and am even slightly excited about what Trump will do after he’s elected. But I still want to comfort him. What should I do?


“What are you afraid of? Trump hates poor trash.”

“Find an American to marry…”

“He can go to Europe. There are many software companies in Europe, such as CD projekt.”

“A ton of people are in computer science now. IT’s difficult to find jobs in Asia as well.”

“Nothing to comfort him about. It’s much better than him being stuck in Taiwan.”

“If he becomes an American, he’s still going to come back and laugh at Taiwanese people saying we’re stuck on a hell hole, and then make use of our national healthcare.”

“What are you comforting him for? Trump wants to push out all those stealing American jobs. Tell him to get back here!”



Chinese netizens below (from QQ):

Trump signs another executive order, limiting the flow of refugees from Syria, Libya — 7 countries in total

[+1,320] Those who support this first screwed up Libya and Syria, making their citizens refugees, and now bar them from entering. What a way to play

[+1,265] [Omitted because of racism]

[+786] From the end of WWII and the Cold War, look at America’s actions as a whole. I promise that you’ll find something interesting

[+68] If I were American, I’d support this. If I were foreign, I wouldn’t support this

[+62] [Omitted because of racism]

[+60] [Omitted because of racism]

[+34] Trump is so domineering. This is a real man! Going from a successful businessman to president of the world’s leader is something made from cash. He must have his own charisma

[+18] America screwed up a country and now is killing off their people. Complete terrorism


America and Mexico presidents chat for an hour on the phone. Both agreed to “temporarily set aside who pays for the wall”

[+482] A weirdo and a pushover. How interesting

[+383] Pulling the wool over people’s eyes. He’s making good on one of his campaign promises. Mexico is just playing along!

[+363] Trump doesn’t have Obama’s class. Bunch of big talk and can’t do what he says. You can’t throw your weight around if Mexico doesn’t do as you say!

[+357] This kid has just been inaugurated and won’t act like this after meeting with some opposition a few times

[+193] Trump has a business person’s habits. Bargaining, haggling, naked lack of principles. A politician at least has some techniques to negotiation, this robber of a businessman brings a handful of nukes and guns. He just wants money

[+161] Mexico’s president is a pushover. What is there to talk about

[+137] A busiessman’s logic is never shut a door without opening a window. Forget how firm he is! Profit makes the world go around


American judge halts Trump’s order, Muslim country refugees allowed to temporarily remain in the US

[+1,076] Hahaha… is this the beginning of the radicalism of America? Even the president’s order isn’t carried out, then what’s the point of being president?

[+958] This judge is in severe violation of the regulations, publicly voicing inappropriate words and disobeying the commands of his commander-in-chief. He refuses to obey the commander of all the armies. He doesn’t display unity with the federal government. He publicly goes against the people and the federal government. He’ll be investigated by the FBI soon

[+705] This Mr. President only has profit in his eyes. A typical salesman, easily diverged into other path

[+672] A country without one person at the head was the world’s police with so many years. This at least demonstrates that three equal branches of government is the most advanced structure for human society at the moments

[+544] Even the judges can’t bear to watch anymore. What a petulant president

[+509] True fairness makes a real judge

[+441] Not terribly reliable, this person… he keeps coming up with spur of the moment things and making hearts feel uneasy. Is this the beginning of America’s self destruction…

[+277] To America, Trump’s starting point is good, he’s just in a bit of a hurry

[+101] Even a judge can restrict a president, ridiculous! Being this kind of president is such a burden!


Revenge for Trump’s new policy, Iran restricts American tourists from entering

[+3,858] Trump’s actions are more materialistic. If refugees are allowed to enter your own country, it will certainly impact your country. At least security will be difficult to maintain. Therefore, he’s just protecting his country in limiting or restricting the refugees. Nothing to judge here!

[+1,982] Iran has guts. China needs to borrow this from Iran. We need to prevent citizens from unfriendly countries from entering China to appease the public

[+1,327] Trump didn’t explain the reasons behind his policy. Apart from some understanding and support for preventing terrorists from entering the US, there will also be a lot of other problems. Canada welcomes them, why not send them there? Why must they enter the US?

[+1,199] I can absolutely predict that America’s decline and eventual downfall will start from President Trump. If you don’t believe me, see you in four years!

[+999] He forgot that the US is an immigrant country

[+954] Trump doesn’t seem to represent a country, he seems to represent himself more

[+820] Trump does things in a high profile manner, directly acting for the people! He’s a low profile person, a good president!

[+614] [Omitted because of racism]

[+525] [Omitted because of racism]

[+377] Why doesn’t Iran decline to recognize any American patents then?

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  • LunaToown

    most of cnetz are decent people and some are xenophobic and racist like always, trumps is a rate and is making more harm than good.

  • Waffles

    wow thank you for translating so many. there is such a variety of comments. it’s interesting to see that there are multiple popular ideologies on the same site and on the same article. chinese comments actually look like american youtube comments (with are also overrun by racists with a couple of reasonable people popping up) except for comments criticising the court order. most countries would find it a relief to have multiple systems of governing to keep each other in check.

    • Waffles

      most of the comments aren’t too horrible but some were uncomfortable to read. maybe it would be a good idea to post all the political ones and have ‘omitted because of racism’ for some of them. thank you still for doing this.

      • cpoplove

        You know what, fantastic point. Chalk another one up to my naivety in thinking that the internet can read and react maturely. I’m going to go “omitted because of racism” on the article now, let me know if you think I’ve left any out?

        I agree! It was very enlightening to read all the comments and understand where they’re coming from given their backgrounds.

  • LostRambler

    I wondered what the rascist comments were for a second and then decided I was glad you didn’t translate them. There is waaaay to much negativity going around and I’m not sure I’d like some of the people it’d bring to this site. I’ve pointed it out to people before but diplomacy is not like business. In business as long as you have a 2nd or 3rd option your fine but diplomacy is a very very fine line to be treading. Certain acts of humilation or prestiage will and does change how an entire population of a country view another country. I might not have agreed with everything obama did (his drone programme was insane) but one of the things he worked incredibly hard on was reversing the impact that the failure of the iraq war had on americas reputation worldwide and trump has managed to undo most of it in a week. Propoganda works for awhile but ultimately history tells the truth. I just hope this doesnt lead the US to another vietnam or iraq based on false info and warmongering

  • Mal

    [+958] This judge is in severe violation of the regulations, publicly voicing inappropriate words and disobeying the commands of his commander-in-chief. He refuses to obey the commander of all the armies. He doesn’t display unity with the federal government. He publicly goes against the people and the federal government. He’ll be investigated by the FBI soon

    The OP is confused between “democracy” (to whatever extent the USA is currently is) and “communism”.