Yang Yang fans clarify recent controversies surrounding his acting and films

As sent in from Yang Yang fans.

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Rumor One: Terminated his contracts multiple times – FALSE!

Yang Yang did say that he would not leave Rongxinda for money. However, that does not mean after multiple material breaches on Rongxinda’s part, he must still stay with the agency.
In April 2014, via arbitration (not litigation), Yang successfully terminated his contract with Rongxinda.
Ms. Li Shaohong then appealed to the court to vacate the arbitration decision, which was denied by the Third Intermediate People’s Court of Beijing on December 26, 2014. The court also affirmed the original arbitration decision.
One example of Rongxinda’s multiple material breaches involved the TV series Flower Blooms in the Midsummer. Yang was originally casted as the lead actor, as shown on the poster.
However at the last minute, Yang’s role was replaced by Lin Shen, the son of a partner at Rongxinda, and Yang only appeared as a supporting actor with a miserable ending.
The termination rumor about Yang and H&R Century Pictures is also sheer nonsense.
He never had any agency contract with H&R. Instead, he only had a personal contract with his current agent Mr. Jia Shikai, who at the time was working for H&R.
In June 2015, Mr. Jia resigned from H&R and started his own agency. As a result, Yang (together with another artist Ying’er) followed Mr. Jia, honoring their personal contracts with Mr. Jia.
The so-called termination statement issued by H&R in June 2015 is nothing but a piece of scrap paper, bearing no company seal, nor legal authority.

Rumor Two: Always snatches the “C position” (center of the stage) – FALSE!

Yang Yang has an enormous amount of events and shows to attend, but always respects his seniors and is a true gentleman at all times.
However, Yang’s antis fabricated so-called “picture evidence” by intentionally taking screenshots out of context.
They took out frames from the video of the Daomu Biji (a.k.a. Grave Robbers’ Chronicles) press conference, and falsified a video clip that looked like Yang pushed a senior actress (Ms. Zheng Peipei) in order to occupy the “C position” (center of the stage).
However, the truth to the matter is Yang initially stood on the side. Everyone else including Ms. Zheng asked the three leading characters (a.k.a. the trio) to stand together for the photo shoot. So Yang switched his position at their request. Never did he push his way through.Then because Li Yifeng grabbed the center position of the trio, Yang ended up standing next to Ms. Zheng. Again, the antis played the same old trick and cropped the screenshot to make it appear like Yang took the C position.
As to Yang’s comment about “always being in the center of the stage”, it was quoted out of context from his interview with the magazine Beijing Youth Weekly. He was referring to his early years in the People’s Liberation Army Academy of Art – how he had wished to become the lead dancer performing in the center of the stage and eventually achieved the goal through diligence and hard work.

Rumor Three: Overly used body doubles – FALSE!

Yang Yang has never used any body doubles improperly (stand-in’s are necessary for non-filming purposes such as scene arrangements and lighting adjustments).
He mentioned many times in interviews that he prefers trying himself than using stunt doubles. He also loves doing action scenes and does it artistically.
In the TV series Love O2O, Yang had to use a double for one scene because his foot was injured.
Fans’ videos taken at the scene and the TV episode itself can prove that Yang did participate in the shooting of that scene.
Yang also completed the shooting of an indoor basketball game all by himself.
Therefore it is a baseless and completely false accusation that Yang needed a body double for scenes as simple as playing basketball.
To refute the rumors, many industry insiders tweeted supporting statements and evidence that Yang indeed is a dedicated and professional actor who has never overly used any body doubles.

Rumor Four: Likes to shoot multiple films at the same time – FALSE!

From Ms. Rao Xueman (the author of original novel who also participated in casting for the film The Left Ear) interview, “It was difficult finding an actor for this character Xu Yi.
He must have incredible visuals.
We interviewed many candidates, but none was satisfactory – until we met Yang.
I immediately knew it had to be him, and both the director and I were very excited.
To our surprise, he turned us down for another role in the TV series Daomu Biji. He is a diehard fan of that novel.
At that time I was so jealous of Kennedy Xu (author of Daomu Biji) that I almost wanted to punch him. Ms. Li Xiaoping, Vice President of Enlight Pictures, would not give up. She insisted Yang was the best fit for Xu Yi and no one else was even comparable. Ms. Li had the final say as an investor and decided Yang must play both roles. Yang said even though he wanted this role, his schedule would not allow it. Eventually we persuaded (almost forced) him to star both Daomu Biji and The Left Ear at the same time.
We knew all worth for waiting since Day One when we shot the scene where Xu Yi turned around and smiled. Daily loss of close to a million CNY so as to accommodate Yang’s schedule was never a concern.

Rumor Five: Was excluded from the promotional tours for The Left Ear- FALSE!

On March 10, 2015, Yang Yang attended the press conference for the movie The Left Ear. The movie was announced to be released on April 30th. April 1-23, Yang was shooting the reality show Divas Hit the Road II overseas. On April 8th, it was unexpectedly announced that the releasing date of the movie would be advanced to the 24th.
Therefore, Yang was unable to attend any promotional tours. He did tweet multiple times on Weibo to promote this movie

Rumor Six: Tried to manipulate the casting of the Daomu Biji movie – FALSE!

On July 3, 2015, Yang Yang was officially announced to be the lead actor in LOVE O2O.
Obviously Yang would not be able to participate in the movie Daomu Biji due to scheduling conflicts.
On August 17th, Yang’s official news portal retweeted his Weibo tweet that Yang is “off to new adventures” and would not be involved in the movie Daomu Biji. After that, Yang’s fans were encouraged to delete all Weibo tweets and hashtags related to the movie.
Yang never hired any netizens to pressure Kennedy Xu. To date, Mr. Xu fails to provide any evidence to support his false claims against Yang. Yang had no involvement in this matter from beginning to end.

Rumor Seven: A ludicrous one

Antis mocked Yang Yang as airhead and accused him of mispronouncing a word once in a show, when he had previously pronounced the exact same word correctly many times. The alleged mispronunciation was only a slip of the tongue. The host of that talkshow kept repeating the word in his questions, while Yang was crafting his answer with another word. Finally he ended up saying a combination of the two words. Just imagine that Yang intended to say “rein” and “interpret” but said “reinterpret” due to liaison.
There is no doubt that Yang has a rich vocabulary. In LOVE O2O, he pronounced a very rare Chinese character correctly whereas another actor did not.

  • dramaluvr

    It’s not just Yang Yang, with any popular actor or actress, there are a bunch of news that you can never be sure if it’s real or fake. I knew most of his negative news was probably created by anti’s, because so many of the people who worked with him came out to defend him from Left Ear, LoveO2O, Three Lives Three World and Martial Universe.

    I’m so glad the lady who invested in Left Ear was adamant about Yang Yang playing Xu Yi, because the moment they captured his name being called and he turned his head smiling was amazing. He looked like such an angel and I was completely wowed, he really has an aura that is hard to find.

  • lalice ♡

    Poor yy, he keeps getting himself into the most ridiculous rumours

  • Nel

    Why is he getting so much shit lately… I’ve had my doubts at the beginning but it’s starting to look like a smear campaign 🤔

  • Garfield

    i didn’t believe any of the rumors except for the body double rumor. all signs point to him and even cctv insinuated it was him. he’s not perfect so his fans should stop pretending he is.

  • july

    thank you for translation. I already know about rumour no.1-4, but there are another rumours?! poor yangyang, why antis never stop bothering him? he was graduated from military school which very strict and discipline, so the rumour about him taking vacation in 3 days and use body double seems ridiculous, in fact all actor including director was in script reading. and antis never stop with that, they even created another rumour with yangyang order mask for his body double which posting his photo for proofing, in fact that photo was taken in one year ago and at that time yangyang was in process for getting special effect for his new movie three life peach blossom. I heard martial universe director is very strict, yangyang even had shooting in holiday day (christmas, new year, chinese new year), it’s proof that yangyang such hardworking actor so please stop spreading false rumour about him.

  • Sssssss

    These so called fans are just internet trolls trying to destroy other people’s reputation. They misguidedly think they are being loyal to their own idol by doing this. Nothing is more despicable and vile. Why don’t they go and live their own lives in the real world instead. I am really sad for their parents.