831 seeks to move on from “East District” with new album “Survival Guide”

ET Today: 831: Don’t want to sing “East District” anymore, main vocalist Ah Pu reveals why!

Taiwanese rock band 831 released their new album “Survival Guide” after two years.
– When they were interviewed by ET Today a few days ago, they expressed that they’d felt greatly pressured by this album because they had a representative work of “East District”
– This song is still on hot lists in karaoke and they always want to reach new heights

Having spent two years on this album, 831 invited AShin of Mayday and Richie Ren to sing “Cheers”.
Main vocalist Ah Pu also revealed that, “831 has had the help of many friends along the way, so I’ve always wanted to write a happy song with my friends.”
– He also said that “Cheers” harkens more to the many different faces of brotherly love

831 released “Survival Guide” at the end of 2016, making it to many New Year, school, and corporate events.
– “We once thought that we didn’t want to sing “East District” anymore. We all want to surpass it and hope to create another hit song. Which composer wouldn’t want to surpass himself?”

831 feels that “East District is the start of helping everyone getting to know them, but has also become their biggest obstacle to progress.
– They hope that one day the name of 831 will be more popular than the song
– “We purposefully didn’t sing this on our birthday party last year, fans must’ve thought it was odd.”

831 “Cheers” with Ashin and Richie Ren.


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