[Updated] Site on hiatus for a bit!

I happen to be embroiled in a conference this week and sudddnly thought what the hey. I’d like to take a break from the madness on this site that’s consumed my weekend. Never thought I’d be talking about this on my pet project, but I work in an academic environment where dissent is sought and welcomed, greeted with nature and thoughtful debate. That was the mentality I brought to cpoplove, but man was I naively wrong. The situation over the past couple of days has really been weighing on me. I’m absolutely not cut out for the craziness of fandoms.

Thank you to all who’ve sent in requests, pointed out mistakes, and chatted with me in comments. It was fun exploring cpop with you! Not sure when I’ll be back, and there’s always forums and such for your latest dose of cpop :).

[2 weeks later] I actually turned off all notifications from this site because it was bothering me so much, and happened to login to Twitter and saw a wave of support waiting for me there. Thanks guys. 🙂 I’ve really enjoyed the peace and quiet, and also happened to see some articles I wanted to share with folks. Traffic remained consistent despite two weeks of not posting, and I received so many emails from y’all (when I finally checked the email account, sorry!). Thank you.

I’ve also discovered how to block users on Disqus. XD Note it’s a *block* not a *ban* from commenting. So kindly read well before jumping down my throat. A block means I won’t have to see the toxicity and be bothered too much by it, but the toxic mess itself can keep commenting since I don’t censor comments based on personal feelings. I will ban if too many complaints are raised however.

So here goes round number two in a few days. I have indeed learned a few things, and in that requests for China line are still being declined. I might work up the gumption to post about them in a few months, we’ll see about that. Anonymous requests have been turned off, that feature was abused too much by stans with ulterior motives.

In addition, any requests that have a majority of negative comments must be accompanied by a positive translation as well. Please send a positive link along with your original if you want the translation to be prioritized. Otherwise… I work full time and I spend two hours-ish a day translating. In light of the mess that happened in January, I won’t be concentrating that much on the site anymore.

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  • LunaToown

    oh it’s sad but take your time and comeback soon!
    this site is really a great idea there aren’t much site like this who translate cnetz comments like cpoplove and cnetzsays so don’t give up.

  • Nel

    Oh wow 😭 I hate that it has come to this because of a few intolerant individuals.. But do what’s best for you, if you feel like you need a break then take it. I think you should ban undesirable users from commenting if they keep crossing lines because sadly there’ll always be people like this. I, along with other cpoplove readers are thankful for the time you took for this and hope you won’t give it up.

  • Worldno17

    Please don’t give up completely! I rely on your site mainly for C-pop entertainment news and it’ll be a great pity to lose such a wonderful, informative source.

  • silvermaoh

    There is a lot of craziness with fandoms. I hope to see you back and thank you for everything.

  • BeautyandBelle

    Hi! my love for Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang brought me to your site and was able to catch up on cpop. I love you site since it is the most one I can understand since I cannot understand chinese at all. Hoping for the best and good luck on life outside this site! 🙂

    • mingi

      Hi we have the same reason! Tho I’m mostly here for Zheng Shuang. For now, I’m not going to ship her with anyone but her chemistry with yang was great 😍

  • yangmimi

    I really missed this site, so happy to see that you found a way to continue^^

  • silvermaoh

    I hope you come back from your hiatus soon.

  • mingi

    Hello? Are you still on hiatus? This is my first time commenting here since I just recently got into chinese dramas and music. I want to know more about my fave chinese actress Zheng Shuang 😉 Thank you for all your hardwork! I hope you’ll come back soon. God bless!!