Jay Chou spends NT$800M to build luxury internet cafe in China

ETToday: Jay Chou’s NT$800 million, super luxury internet cafe is revealed!

Apart from dominating music charts, Jay Chou is also an avid gamer.
– His personal team of “J Team” for League of Legends has demonstrated the high emphasis he places on the professional gaming arena
– Not only that, he’s also been in talks to establish a luxury internet cafe in Shenzhen, which opened on April 9
– Netizens were wowed when pictures were revealed, and many gamers have said they’re going to go check out the premises

The furnishings follow a minimalistic style and low profile luxury. They’re mostly dark colored furniture and decorations.
– Unknowing passersby would actually think this is a restaurant
– This internet cafe is about 1,700 square meters with 230 computers, 5 VIP rooms, and the store divided into gaming, streaming, board games, and a bar area
– NT$800M is roughly USD260K
– A netizen mentioned that the food and drink inside are all quite good

There are currently 160K internet cafes in China, with the top three chains occupying less than 0.2% of the market.
– Jay noted that there is much room for consolidation and decided to found his own brand for competitive gaming
– He plans to partner with gaming companies in the future and hold various competitive gaming events to discover gaming talent

Netizens comment below:

[+1,327] Hey, get your boss out on the floor. I want to hear him sing 

[+1,315] Jay, a professional gamer hindered by singing[doge][doge][doge]

[+571] The prices are actually quite reasonable!


[+204] Jay, a professional gamer hindered by singing[doge][doge][doge]


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