Netizens react to Park Yoochun’s marriage announcement

Source: Sina Weibo

Korean media reported today that Park Yoochun would be hosting his wedding this fall. His fiancé is not a celebrity, but the granddaughter of a founder of a large Korean company. Park Yoochun’s agency confirmed this news today. It’s said that Park Yoochun developed from friends to lovers with his fiancé early this year, and has recently made the decision to get married


Netizens react below:

[+13,202] His girlfriend was able to keep him company when he was down, I wish them happiness [心]

[+10,065] The bride isn’t me, but I’ve loved the groom before [心]

[+9,063] If she helped him through the rough times, then this really is wonderful

[+5,805] My first loves of the Hallyu waves of yesteryear are all getting married [失望][失望]

[+4,744] He’s really been through much, he was so framed that his career was affected too

[+4,620] There are no national boundaries in this, I offer my congratulations. Truly difficult.

[+2,072] Wuli big rice is getting married! I’ve liked TVXQ for 13 years and am finally witnessing your marriages. No matter what, my heart hasn’t changed. I wish you happiness. [心]

[+1,019] Is anyone anti-Korea still? (reference to netizens saying that any ban is always temporary)

[+778] I support all of your decisions. Live the life you think best, that will be enough


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  • What a difference with korean netizens 🙈🙊😉

  • I wish him happiness! And I hope that people will stop insulting his fiancee. Even if her grandparents company is shady, that has nothing to do with her character.