Speculations abound whether Li Yifei is pregnant

QQ: Liu Yifei is pregnant? Or just looks like she needs to lose some weight

Liu Yifei appeared for an event earlier today, and her appearance gave rise to speculations if she was pregnant or had just put on some weight.
– Speculations pointed to the photo above as evidence of a slightly rounded tummy


Cnetz comment below:

[+2,705] Why be so conflicted? She wasn’t Chinese to begin with, just that with her marriage, she’s turned into an American mother. Is there a need to be this way for a foreigner??

[+965] I was Liu Yifei’s fan more than a decade again, her beauty has never changed, just with an added trace of maturity now. She’s an unadorned beauty

[+914] [Redacted misogynist comment]

[+836] Why are there so many perverts in the comments? What does someone marrying a Korean and having a child have to do with you? Why are you acting like someone’s robbed you of your man and your house? Your mouths are so base and crude, what business of yours what other people want to do? What immoral things has she done??

[+578] A bunch of idiotic comments from brainless men, as if it’s something for men to have a foreign woman, but a woman can’t marry a foreign male

[+280] I don’t find her as pretty anymore because she was so legendary in Return of the Condor Heroes. She’s ordinary now

[+210] Oh my gosh! Pregnant this and pregnant that, is this fun? Media says Xie Na has been pregnant for five years, but she has yet to give birth. Yang Mi was rumored to be pregnant for months but nothing has happened, now you say that Sun Li is pregnant… to say nothing of anyone else but just Liu Yifei, would she be drinking if she was pregnant? Can’t she gain a bit of weight? Enough!

[+127] Liu Yifei’s actually not fat… it’s just her proportions. She has a wider lower body, but her upper body is thin, so she looks great in period dress. It makes her look thin and covers up her flaws, making her seem quite ethereal

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  • hizurisama

    wow they’re so fkin pressed