Annie Yi vows to protect daughter forever after accidental fall on “Super Mom”

QQ: Annie Yi reveals daughter’s swollen injury, vows to protect her for the rest of her life

Annie Yi is currently participating in show “Super Mom” with daughter Little Rice Grain, but accidentally took a tumble from a high chair in the latest aired episode.
– She expressed that she still doesn’t dare watch the clip. “I let her go without making sure she was sitting properly, I still blame myself heavily now.”
– She took Little Rice Grain to the doctor that day, and the doctor noted that there was slight swelling beneath her forehead
– However, the swelling had mostly gone down the next day, “Little Rice Grain is a miraculous baby!”

She recalled that her pregnancy was an accident and she is incredibly grateful for her daughter’s appearance in her life.
– When her daughter opened her eyes during a feeding, Annie Yi vowed to protect her for the rest of her life


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+2,859] This is too fake isn’t it! Children are always falling and running into things, is there a need to be so over with this performance?

[+2,814] Must you all speak ill of a parent worried about their child? Just don’t read the article if you don’t like her!

[+1,159] To be honest, I was heartbroken the first time my child fell, but got used to it afterwards. 😳 The reason I gave myself was that it’s impossible to see the rainbow without undergoing some rain and storm 🙈

[+918] People with no kids can stop sharing their own opinion. She fell from such a high height and landed on her head. Why don’t you go home and try falling like that? Ignorant, coldblooded, contemptuous attitudes!

[+718] I cried too when Little Rice Grain fell from her stool, because my daughter fell a day ago as well. There’s a huge lump on her forehead and a huge bruise. I hated myself so much then. Why didn’t I look after her properly and let her fall so hard? So I really understand Annie Yi slapping herself in the kitchen and then crying in the room when hugging her daughter. I think all mothers understand that feeling. I still feel afraid when I think of the scene of my daughter falling

[+396] Taking a picture of your child at first light, and then posting it? Are you using your child to gain more attention? Is your motherly love pure?

[+191] I accidentally let my child fall a few times when I was taking care of him as well. I was so heartbroken and blamed myself. However, his grandfather and grandmother said not to be afraid, that kids all grow up through these falls and scrapes. I’m very lucky to have such understanding in-laws

[+139] When I saw this title, I thought her daughter was injured permanently and had to be taken care of for the rest of her life. So much media play!

[+85] It’s normal for her to be sad… my baby fell down from the bed when she was four months old. I didn’t catch her even though I sprinted at her. She bumped her forehead, and I almost fainted from crying so hard. I thought it was the end for her because I always picked her up lightly and set her down lightly as well… it turns out it was just her forehead bruising, nothing major

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  • xoxo

    they’d probably talk trash her if she didn’t show any concern *yawn* people are never satisfied