Calvin Chen flash mobs through Taipei to promote mini album “IN”

ET Today: Calvin Chen puts in a surprise appearance and dances! Personally applies lipstick for female fan

Calvin Chen is releasing mini-album “IN” after a two year wait, with title track “Hard” as the first release.
– He put in sudden appearances on Taipei’s subway on April 22, showing off his dance moves and interacting with fans
– He showed up with six dancers and started dancing in front of various key stations, and was given the missions to collect kisses from five audience members in each location
– Calvin shyly asked a girl when applying lipstick for her whether he should “start from the top lip or bottom lip?”
– Fans were able to feel up his biceps and share fried chicken with him

Calvin hasn’t released a music album in two years, with most of his work having to do with drama and hosting.
– “IN” drops on April 28, and he mentioned that being able to stand on stage to sing again made his heart beat so fast that even he found it amazing
– He’s been practicing his dancing for the new song and actually dropped 2kg for it.
– Calvin mentioned that he really likes this EP, and even brought back the dance instructor from his Fahrenheit days to work together


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  • Ah my first love from Fahrenheit!