Dilireba fills in for Angelababy on Running Man; Angelababy comes back after pregnancy

LTN: Baby takes a break from Running Man, substitute confirmed

China’s “Running Man” underwent a name change to “Keep Running” in its latest season due to the Korean ban in China.
– Angelababy is currently on hiatus from the crew in order to take care of her newborn son, with the production team tapping Dilireba as her temporary fill-in

The crew said that, “We are waiting for Angelababy to return with full energy and run mightily!”
– The show hoped that Angelababy would rest well and take of Little Sponge during this time
– Angelababy shared the post after not too long and said that, “My heart to run with everyone hasn’t changed. Welcome to Reba, you guys run first this time and wait for my return”



LTN: Baby to return after pregnancy, Reba likely leaving after two months


Recent news has indicated that Baby will return in May to the show, meaning that Reba will have to leave after two months of joining he show.
– There are conflicting rumors whether she will appear on the show together with Reba, or Reba will be forced to leave after her return
– Reba’s fans have been unsatisfied at rumors that she would be pushed out after Angelababy’s return


QQ: Angelababy’s visuals return to their peak after giving birth

Angelababy attended her first event on April 21 after giving birth to Little Sponge. She looked like she had made a full recovery and was a young goddess.

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+3,848] Who cares if she had a surrogate mother or not, as long as her acting skills are good. I wasn’t a fan of her performance in “General and I”, and stopped after two episodes to go read the novel. Her every expression is to open her eyes and mouth, really nothing to sniff at. Don’t hate me, I’m just expressing my opinions

[+1,414] Doesn’t anyone feel that she looks much older after giving birth? Her skin isn’t as taut as before and it’s obvious that it’s the effects of her losing rapid weight after having a child!

[+1,382] I believe more that you used a surrogate mother. If you don’t, upload a picture of you being pregnant for us. That will prove your innocence more than anything

[+664] She was caught shopping just one week after giving birth, it’s difficult for people not to suspect. Pregnant women who get a c-section would’ve only just healed enough to leave the hospital after a week. Celebrities won’t have a smoother birth because of their identity, and most young bodies can’t take the trauma

[+650] I used to really like Huang Xiaoming, his acting skills are great! But I haven’t liked him since he married baby, I feel both are so fake. Baby relies on her visuals and doesn’t have any acting skills at all, she just posts sweet pictures of them all day! The breasts of a feeding mother will become a lot bigger, but where are hers??

[+639] She recovered really well. I still say that every mother is amazing! Don’t try to purposefully harm anyone, and certainly not a mother who likes being pretty and is a public figure. They have it rough. Beauty is their only choice. If they become less than pretty after having a child, they’ll face a lot of criticism. Therefore, they have to work harder than order mothers to appear prettily in front of everyone. Much hard work lies behind their beauty, so I hope people don’t reject a hardworking mother. Thank you

[+339] She really has aged a lot after having a child. Haven’t you discovered it? Life is truly difficult for women. Who doesn’t care about their looks? But a woman has to pay such a higher price for giving birth than a man

[+244] Sigh, some of the comments talking about her getting a surrogate mother are so laughable. I trust that every woman who has the ability to be a mother won’t let go of that chance to be a real mother. Why hate on her? I look the same before and after giving birth, and I’m just an ordinary person. She’s a celebrity! Some people are naturally not fat, and can regain their original body shape after giving birth. It’s easy to get back your old looks after a bit of upkeep

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  • Marcus Lee

    haters will be like “I believe more that you used a surrogate mother.” Whoever says that is totally a jerk or bitch.They are jealous of Angela beauty and loves the new dilireba just because she join keep running and feel angry because she need to left when Angelababy is back.She is just a successor for Angelababy not a permenant actress!!!!!!!!!!

    • Linda Magurite

      Why bring Raba into this ? Maybe you don’t know the reasons behind those hates but don’t go accuse someone out of blindness and put more effort to know why exactly.
      She had haters before even Raba appeared on show and because of many reasons one of them is denying plastic surgery while people noticed changes on her (they believe she’s lying to them and mocking them) and her popularity is mainly based on this show , many describe her acting is bad and others things
      So please check the fact before you start hating and accusing,she’s already getting enough of this shit and thank you

    • Tracky Patty

      To be honest, in Chinese Reba has actually made herself well-known and famous for her acting skills. At first I thought he become popular because of Eternal Love, but man I was wrong. I searched about Reba and she was actually really popular already before the drama. In China, Angelababy is recognized for her beauty and partly because her husband is very popular, she isn’t well-known for her acting. Yes Reba might be following Angelababy’s footsteps in running man but Reba is a more permanent actress than Angelababy. AND seriously I don’t understand why Reba has to leave if Angelababy is back. I like both of them on the show, they both have their own unique charms.