Wang Leehom’s daughter tries on her mom’s shoes

ET Today: Wang Leehom’s daughter has grown up! Tries on mother’s shoes and is captured in action

Wang Leehom has been married to Li Chinglei for three years and has two daughters, two year old Wang Jiali and six month old Wang Jiana.
– Li Chinglei posted on Weibo on Apr 21 a picture of little Jiali trying on her mother’s shoes
– She said, “I remember when little Jiali just learned how to talk… she was stopped in her tracks the first time she saw me in high heels and said after a few seconds, ‘Mommy is so beautiful!'”
– And now, she’s moved onto trying on her mom’s shoes, with Li Chinglei saying, “She somehow is already at the age of trying on her mother’s shoes…”

Wang Jiali is of great help at home.

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