Zhao Liying and Li Yifeng top the charts for 2016 China Actors/Actresses

Weibo: Sina Weibo

The top 100 lists for China Actors/Actresses were posted on April 21:

Top 5 Actresses (descending order): Zhao Liying, Angelababy, Fan Bingbing, Yang Mi, Joe Chen

Top 5 Actors (descending order): Li Yifeng, Deng Chao, Luhan, Huang Xiaoming, Show Lo


Netizens weigh in below:

[+4,602] I love Li Yifeng and can’t wait for his movie “Evil Minds!”

[+4,120] As a new actor, Li Yifeng’s works have emerged from the masses and into the spotlight, achieving great ratings. Apart from that, his uncommon image and humble heart makes him even more charismatic, attracting countless sponsors, increasing his commercial value and his personal charisma. He is the nation’s male god who is leading the times, can’t wait for “Evil Minds” and “Animal World”

[+3,659] Li Yifeng is great [亲亲][亲亲][亲亲]

[+3,411] Li Yifeng is so good[赞][赞]

[+3,118] I love Li YIfeng~~~

[+2,951] Li Yifeng said that some things only come to light after you experience them. You take  the road one step at a time, and eat your food one mouthful at a time. Actions are always stronger than words. “Dependable” is something that others say of you[good][good][good][good][good][good] What a good fellow who knows what’s right. I can’t wait for “Evil Minds” and “Animal World”

[+2,915] I love Li Yifeng

[+2,601] I love Zhao Liying 

[+2,417] Go my Fengfeng!

[+2,059] My Luhan is great!

[+1,911] He is the revolutionary in the entertainment circle, he is the king of ratings. He’s the only young man in the top ten nationwide ratings in the last two years, and he’s the new actor with the highest ratings. He’s Mr. 6 Billion Views online. He is Li Yifeng, a Li Yifeng worthy of everyone’s love. I can’t wait for his new characters and “Evil Minds” and “Animal World”

[+1,702] My Liying is so good![心]

[+1,542] Check in, all Liying and Yifeng fans!!! [心]

[+1,315] Not bad Luhan, keep going, I support you [心] I’m turning on my TV to watch Ze Tianji


Weibo: Zhao Liying

She’s an ordinary girl with her own little faith. She’s the truest lady in power and the undisputable rule. She’s always fought for equality. She has much more power than many, but lives a harder life than most. She is twenty some years old, but it feels like she’s lived a lifetime. “Hot bloodedness” is a term that can change this era. I hope to see everyone’s sweat turned to glory this summer.


Netizens weigh in below:

[+9,849] We’ve been waiting for you! Qiao Chu, may you bloom with beauty this summer! PS. The behind the scenes are exploding! [心]

[+6,215] Ahhhhhhh Liying I want to take you home with me!

[+5,015] I watched the preview several times last night and really can’t wait! “I want to take you home with me!” I saw the aura of a war goddess, so amazing!

[+4,166] Master Qiao I love you! [抓狂][抓狂]

[+3,767] Zhao Liying is so good, yay yay yay! [心]

[+3,148] Master Chu take us home 

[+2,139] I recall when you were dragged over the sands of inner Mongolia during the hot summer days, the visible wounds on your arms and legs. I hope all wounds and slander are over after this summer, and they’ll turn to medals of honor that keep you company [心]

[+1,475] I love Qiao Chu [haha][haha][haha]

[+1,263] I will always, always, always support you, and love, love, love you! Important things must be said thrice

[+1,225] Zhao Liying has simply too much potential… she’s like whatever she acts! Never breaks immersion! I thought she could only play those sweet, silly roles before, but after seeing the behind the scenes footage, I feel like she’s a great tremendous general who shakes the heaven and earth as well! Indeed, people with good acting skills can easily conquer any territory. I’m following this drama for sure!



Weibo: Li Yifeng

In this clip (for Evil Minds), Li Yifeng plays the role of a passionate, strong willed and sharp intern cop Fang Mu. He faces his own internal struggles as he takes down the true culprit.


Netizens weigh in below:

[+7,403] Oh my gosh, the crying scenes were so good![泪]The more someone knows you, the more it hurts! Who is the devil and who is Buddha? The true culprit comes out in 2017 “Evil Minds!” I can’t wait for the scenes between our Fengfeng and Teacher Liao Fan!

[+4,224] Ahhhhhhhhh [泪] Fang Mu! My heart was breaking with the tears! Don’t cry! When is it coming out? [泪][泪] This is the film I’m looking forward to most in 2017!

[+4,032] Old Li ah old Li, I watched one of your vids today and shared it. I feel like you’re a dependable person

[+3,112] I can’t wait for Fang Mu! I was crying from watching it!!!

[+2,874] Oh my gosh Fang Mu!!!!!

[+2,234] “Even though the world swims in lies, the paths you have taken won’t lie to you.”

[+1,962] Can’t wait for Fang Mu. Rest well brother and film well, can’t wait for you to return!


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