David Lin blasted for impolite remarks towards Naomi Watanabe

ET Today: “I was afraid she’d eat me”. David Lin reveal that he stopped seeing Naomi Watanabe because she was too “lusty”

Taiwanese-Japanese comedy star Naomi Watanabe is much beloved for her forthright and cute personality, and rumors of a relationship once developed between her and Taiwanese actor David Lin.
– She revealed herself that communication stopped in April, and David Lin further elaborated in a recent variety showing taping
– Naomi had invited David to visit her in Japan multiple times, but David said that he was afraid “she would eat him” (Chinese euphemism for want to have sex with him) and mentioned that his friends joked that, “Just grit your teeth and get it over with”
– Netizens blasted him for his remarks, saying they constituted a personal attack

David Lin mentioned during the variety show taping that conversation started off innocently enough, with Naomi asking, “When can you come find me in Japan?” after a while.
– He responded, “Just me?” and she replied, “Yes, I can show you around!”
– She extended an invitation three times and was very eager for him to come visit

The two met in September of 2016 through a mutual friend, and exchanged messages for a month or so, even video calling each other once in a show.
– However, she mentioned that they actually stopped talking in February, and that “He doesn’t respond when I message Good Morning to him.”
– Netizens have said that David Lin’s remarks were very disrespectful



Taiwanese netizens weigh in below:

“Wait, who is this guy? How come I only know Naomi and not him? Don’t try to use this lousy move to make yourself popular just because Naomi is more popular than you!”

“Who the hell are you and what allows you to use others?”

“Maybe she just genuinely wanted to show you around. Please, no one would know you if not for Naomi.”

“Give her to me if you don’t want her! She’s so cute!”

“Are you… kidding me? Does he actually think he’s good looking?

“Naomi is worthy of better.”

“This guy is so lousy.”

“He was Zhang Fei in K.O. 3anguo…”

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