Dilireba stuns with bare face

QQ: Dilireba’s bare face is so pretty that it hits you in the face!

In the latest episode of “Keep Running!” (China’s Running Man), Dilireba appears with a bare face, stunning netizens with her beauty.
– She’s also received much praise for her performance on the show


Cnetz weigh in below:

[+1,447] The only thing on the news these days are: Pan Xiaoting’s butt, the legs of Youtube stars, expression of huskies, how bad the journalists are, skinny pants on the streets, the beauty of leather pants, Wu Chenen’s coffin, Bai Baihe’s infidelity, Ma Rong’s regret, Xu Xiaodong’s fake fight, stars being drunk, Na Ying unable to locate North on “Sing! China”, and sexy ladies

[+762] I don’t see where she’s pretty, but so many netizens say she is that I’m starting to doubt my standards of beauty

[+342] Journalist, come again? Lipstick and having your brows drawn on is a bare face? The high heels 50 centimeters tall should be part of one’s height as well

[+199] Stop making such a huge fuss over her, to be honest, Dilireba’s looks aren’t to the point where she’s like Helen of Tory. Everyone can see her acting skills as well. Just write about her once or twice, why write about her everyday? If some bad news about her happens to come out one day, you guys will wrestle her down from the heavens again

[+178] I don’t think she took off her foundation, her face and neck aren’t the same color. She’ll probably really take it off only after the cameras stop rolling

[+77] I want to explain to someone upstairs… tattooed eyebrows and eyeliner… every girl does that…

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  • Queeny

    cnetz are blind or what? she is so freaking gorgeous. im crying everytime i saw her face wtf

    • xoxo

      “I don’t see where she’s pretty” LOL. next joke!

      • Queeny

        sis IKR she is so beautiful lmao 😂😂😂

  • hizurisama

    I hope she hits it big!

  • Marcus Lee

    mostly citizens are blind with lipstick n eyebrow colour is called as “BARE FACE!!!”