Owodog rumored to have invited Guigui to star in MVs for solo album

ET Today: Owodog spent 180 million to invite a “superstar” for his MV

Since artist Owodog settled his contract disputes with his former company, he has been gearing up for his new album. He posted a sneak peak on Facebook on May 12 (above), with the caption of, “I spent 180million NTD for an international superstar to be the female lead of my MVs, who do you all think she is?”
– Netizens all guessed that the lady was Guigui, particularly because of the words “international superstar”
– However, when journalists asked him, he said that, “I didn’t say she was Guigui~”

This will be Owodog’s first solo album since he debut ten years ago, with a full ten songs.
– This is also his first album since he left Lollipop Boys, giving him a bit of pressure
– He told journalists that, “I’m very happy and not too nervous. I do feel like a rookie again though.”

He was busy filming his new drama as well as preparing for the album at the same time, finishing almost ten songs in a month.
– He finished filming four MVs in a few days, saying that, “I don’t have the cover from my teammates anymore, but only in this way will I truly improve.”

Owodog and Guigui (left), Owodog (right)

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