Taiwanese comedian Chu Keliang passes away at age 70, stars pay their respects

ET Today: Chu Keliang passes away from colorectal cancer, draws a perfect ending on seventy years of life

Legendary Taiwanese comedian and talk show host Chu Keliang passed away from cancer in the early hours of May 15. All visitors and well wishers were declined as his family members expressed his last wishes of wanting the public to only remember his smiling and vigorous side.
– He has struggled with cancer since 2014, undergoing surgery in 2016 and his fifth round of chemotherapy in January 2017
– When he recovered from surgery and was discharged he joked that he was going to change the first floor of the hospital to “Colorectal Cancer Village”, and that he was going to run for village chief
– He passed away surrounded by family and friends in the morning


ET Today: Show Lo declares, “I will always imitate him!” & has liked him since young

As one of Chu Keliang’s staunch fans, Show Lo has often imitated the comedian on broadcast. He proclaimed on May 15 that he would “continue to imitate Chu Keliang and pass on his spirit of bringing joy and entertainment to everyone. He will always live in our hearts.”
– He expressed through his agency that because he often watched Chu Keliang’s shows when he was young and got to know the comedian through family, “I’ve always liked Big Brother Chu, and is one of the first juniors to start imitating him. I was very saddened by the news and hope he passed on peacefully.”

JJ Lin also expressed on his Facebook, “Thank you for taking care of me, I will miss you.”


ET Today: “No one will ever joke with me again.” Denny Tsao grieves, he was a legend

Chu Keliang’s passing on May 15 caused ripples of shock through the Taiwanese entertainment circle, with many rallying in the late afternoon to express his thoughts. Famous comedian Denny Tsao also expressed on his Facebook that he remembers well all the jokes that they’d ever made together, and that it was an unlimited pity that he would never hear those jokes again.
– Chu Keliang and Denny Tsao met each other when both were relative unknowns. Denny watched Chu Keliang climb to his position as a king and couldn’t help but say, “You are a legend! Your performances are all absolutely natural, there’s no acting in them at all!”
– He said his old friend was able to naturally make others laugh on stage, “there are truly very few like you in the industry.”


ET Today: Chu Keliang style humor lives only in our memories! Jody Chiang says to “host shows again in the other world”

Well known Taiwanese singer Jody Chiang (above right) expressed on Facebook earlier this afternoon, saying, “Thank you for all the laughter you brought to the Taiwanese entertainment circle, go well, our beloved Brother Chu.”
– She also shared pictures of them performing together back in the day (below), reflecting, “How are you gong just like this? Chu Keliang style humor lives only in our memories now. Go well, let’s host shows again in the other world.”
– Taiwanese netizens flooded her Facebook with hundreds of comments in less than an hour, expressing their condolences as well

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