Gui Gui’s contract with Korean agency dissolved, allegedly for low production value

ET Today: End of Gui Gui’s solo dreams! Citing “low production values”, contract is over with Korean company

Ever since skyrocketing to fame on a reality TV show, Gui Gui (Emma) has released one album and three singles as part of the group resulting from the reality show.
– She signed with Korean agency “CJ E&M” in 2016, releasing her first solo album “GEMMA”, but recent rumors have developed that the contract has been dissolved

“GEMMA” was her first solo album after waiting for 12 years, and her Korean single of “Sugar Rush” enabled her to successfully stand on the stage of “M! Countdown”.
– She spent in a month in Korea for the album, practicing dance routines and taking vocal lessons
– “It started from me thinking that my voice sounded ugly and trying to figure out with the teacher where was the best place to vocalize from. Add to that having to dance in high heels the time, I had to practice very hard everyday.”

It came as a surprise that she recently terminated her contract with her Korean agency, allegedly due to “low production values”.
– The news stunned fans, whereas her manager expressed, “We’d originally planned on signing with Korea for a year anyways.”


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When Gui Gui broke the rules of the Korean entertainment industry and skipped the period of a trainee, she was hailed as the second Tzuyu by the media.
– A year later, it’s rumored that her entertainment company felt that her production value was low and her behavior not under control, resulting in the dissolvement of the contract
– CJ E&M had signed with her because they felt strongly about her value in China, but found out that the return on their investment didn’t meet expectations after signing with her

Since signing, she hasn’t signed for any new dramas or shows, and only has one regular spot on online channel “Mango TV”.
– The performance of her single “Sugar Rush” was less than anticipated, resulting in the hurried pull on her performances. Most new artists would’ve performed at least three times on each music show
– When she returned to Taiwan, her addictive song helped her popularity grow rapidly amongst the younger crowd, with the “HITO Music Awards” awarding her an award for “Signing and Dancing Rookie of the Year” as well
– Based off strong Taiwanese results, she spent her own money to film a MV for one of her songs, inviting Jasper Liu of her own accord to star in it
– She also had dating rumors with Nick Chou at the same time, which was the straw that broke the camel’s back for CJ E&M, resulting in the end of the contract

Her manager Joanna expressed that “it was just the end of the contract, not a dissolvement. We’re still working together, and we discussed with the company before filming with Jasper Liu. We have not angered the higher levels of the agency.”
– As for production value, Gui Gui was busy promoting her album at the end of last year and will be filming a new drama soon

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