Angelababy returns to Keep Running!

QQ: Angelababy returns to Keep Running! How’s the effect?

Angelababy returned in the eighth episode of “Keep Running!” (China’s Running Man), and her interaction with Dili Reba was the subject of much scrutiny.
– When Dili Reba was quizzed about this during the show, she said that it felt like “Angelababy is here to partner with me!”

As for rumors that Angelababy didn’t get along with Dili Reba, Chen He responded, “We’re all in the same WeChat group, why would they get along?”
– And actually, when the show started filming, Dili Reba grew concerned that Angelababy would be thirsty and picked up a drink to hand to her. This action happened to be caught on camera

With Angelababy’s return, she also addressed the rumors that she’d used a surrogate for her pregnancy, saying that the cast members had touched her pregnant body.

Welcome home.



Cnetz respond below:

[+2,642] When it comes to variety sense, Baby does indeed have a better sense. Reba is slow to warm up to people and doesn’t dare show off her skills in front of her seniors

[+1,886] Reba is a good girl, but she’s not suited for Keep Running. She doesn’t have much of a variety sense. Her acting’s good, and she has many fans for her as an actress

[+1,453] I feel that Reba is a very cautious and careful person. She’s reserved because she’s afraid of offending her seniors and because of criticism from the audience. So it’s good that she’s choosing good scripts and acting well! Go Reba!

[+1,119] To be honest, issues of whether she’s suited or not are all created by the media. They’re just taking things out of context. That two girls aren’t dumb, they hang out together well. They have fun while working, why not? Not to mention that since this is a team, having a team spirit is best! Best wishes for Reba and Baby! Upvote me if you like, ignore me if you don’t. It’s that simple

[+491] Baby is still more suited for variety. It’s not a matter of being able to let go of burdens or not, it’s that Baby works really hard… all sorts of weird expression and actions! Apart from laughing silly and exaggerated eating, Reba just pipes in with the same sentence every now and then. I really can’t see where the entertainment value is. It’s just my opinion, don’t hate me if you don’t like it

[+293] After all, Baby’s always been part of Running Man and she’s close with everyone. Her sense of variety is very strong. Dili Reba seems a bit reserved, maybe because she’s just joined. I don’t have any prejudice against her, but I feel like she’s not talking on the same wavelength as the others sometimes. It feels like there’s a gap between them, and only Luhan can connect with her. Although there not much of an effect, he keeps talking to her.

[+210] They’re all seniors to Reba and she’s a rookie. She can’t afford to offend anything of them, so her background is completely different from Baby’s. A rookie and her first time in variety, this can definitely be forgiven. She’d be different if she participated for another two, three years. Even if she doesn’t go on variety shows, her acting skills are not bad! She’s not depending on variety to be famous. It’d be better for her to leave so that she can put out more works that people like. Luhan’s not participating next year. If Reba doesn’t… I won’t as well. I’m watching for the two of them

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