Chinese show copies Produce 101?

ET Today: Chinese show copies Produce 101! Netizens collapse: The worst is that they’re ugly

Left to right: Produce 101 Season 1, Birth of a Star, Produce 101 Season 2

South Korean competition survival show “Produce 101″ is an immensely hot topic these days, with each contestant’s move coming under scrutiny.
– Netizens have recently discovered that China’s ‘Birth of a Star” has the same theme song, dance routine, stage, rules, and even games as Produce 101

“Birth of a Star” uses the theme song of “Push Me”, and also employs a triangular formation as well as pointing to oneself with a thumb when dancing.
– All of these areas of similarity have made netizens angrily denounce that this is blatant copying

Left: Birth of a Star. Right: Produce 101 Season 2

Chinese and Korean netizens agree on another point in that there is a great gap between the visuals of the two sides.
– Korean netizens laugh that, “They didn’t copy the faces” and that “We have the cuter kids”
– Chinese netizens remark that this is embarrassing, “Alright, so they copied, but the worst thing is that the people inside are ugly! That’s the worst!

Birth of a Star stage setup.

Birth of a Star stills

Theme song: Push Me


PTT: Netizen comments

Knetz comments as translated into Chinese from Dispatch:

“The Chinese have so much money, can they not buy the copyrights?”

“Alright so they copied, we copied Produce from AKB as well.”

“Although China copied us, we also copied Japan.”

“China has so many people, don’t they have any good looking ones? The visuals of the trainees are the most important!”

“Faces can’t be copied, they can’t be stolen. China, stop stealing!”

“How do they vote? The first place will have a billion votes…”

“I’m curious about the visuals of number one.”

“Our country’s visuals win! Park Jihoon is the best!”

“Park Jihoon is really good looking, the Chinese version can’t compare at all. Our kids are so good looking.”

Stills from “Push Me”.



Taiwanese netizens weigh in below:

“It’s true that apart from looks, they copied everything. XDDDD”

“I laughed when I saw the comparison pics.”


“China also has a trainee system?”

“I’ve never understood, why imitate someone else and do so in such a blatant manner that they catch you at it?”

“I laughed at the title track of Push Me. Even their song name…”

“The visuals are where the idol’s strength are…”

“Apparently they had a Korean team helping them for this show? But who knows if that’s true or not…”

“It’s way over the top that they didn’t buy the copyrights for this…”

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 “This is crazy. XDD The Chinese stage isn’t as exquisite in comparison, they didn’t copy the quality needed.”