New Chinese idol group CH2 concludes successful public performance

Douban: A new breath of freshness, CH2 comes out with a photo book channel!

Huoxiu: Idol girls CH2: the first schoolyard girl ideal group in the nation!

CH2 is a name derived from the first two letters of Chance and Change. This new Chinese idol group embraces a schoolyard style look in a new photo book.
– Apart from releasing songs and dances, they will also participate in dramas and have the fans be a part of this entire process, truly making it a group created by the fans

Chance and Change indicates the spirit of the group to grasp a hold of chances, realize their dreams, and transform into who they wish to be.

In 2016, a national e-sports competition in China recruited ambassadors for the event, attracting more than 2,000 high school girls in participating.
– 8 girls were selected out of the group, and their temporary name was “Ball Babies” (cop-love translation)
They underwent training and vocal, dance training for a year, and they were given the official name of CH2 at the beginning of 2017

Given their e-sports origins, the girls have already signed many CFs for e-sports and have returned to school for events.
– A high focus in the future will be promoting e-sports in school, a factor that sets them apart from many other groups

Fan Yue. Extreme foodie, a thinker with poems in her belly. Queen of dark culinary arts. A lonely traveler.


Guan Tong. A two dimensional girl with a hole in her brain.

Hu Wanting. The serious rogue dancer. Capricorn, in charge of dance.

Liu Xueli = sexy + smile. Sagittarius. “Anyone who can use their own strength in smiling and to stand on this earth is brave. I hope to become someone like that.”

Tang Yanru. A student at a famous Chinese music school, likes to read, quirky, and wants to become a real lady.

Yang Chaoyue. Always shocks when she speaks, the funniest character in Ch2. I am me, I am me.

Yang Meiqi. Yang Meiling.


KK News: Dreams are not far away! CH2’s performance ends wonderfully

CH2 only had four days to prepare for this performance, and they performed “To Me” and “New Degrees of Youth” (cpoplove name translations).
– When the group performed “Together”, the fan chant from beneath the stage was quite loud and touched the hearts of the girls
– The girls thanked their parents and managers as they performed, as well as shared their thoughts with the fans

It rained heavily on the day and the group prepared umbrellas for fans.
– Younger twin Tang Meiqi was injured backstage, but still insisted on finishing her performance even with her injury

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