[Updated] Stars announce intentions to attend 2017 Weibo Movie Night

Weibo: 2017 Movie Night Official Page

Weibo Movie Night King, Queen as well as It Star daily ranking updates! Go! Go! Go! Today’s King is Den Chao, his votes are about to break through 5 million! Queen Zhou Dongyu is greatly in the lead! It Star TFBoys Wang Yuan (Roy) is about to break through 10 million votes, his fans are really trying hard!


Daily King of the Charts:

  1. Deng Chao
  2. Wang Kai
  3. Huang Bo

Daily Queen of the Charts:

  1. Zhou Dongyu
  2. Zhao Liying
  3. Ruby Lin

IT Person

  1. Wang Yuan
  2. Dilireba
  3. Luhan



















See you in Shanghai on June 18.

Luo Jin.

[+788] He was the doctor wielding a scalpel ten years ago, and ten years later, where does his blood stained consciousness go now? Ten years of hiding, a thousand miles of pursuit. Luo Jin’s Wang Dong, please wait for it!

[+656] Can’t wait for Wang Dong and the movie “Tracing”!

[+511] I love “Tracing” and I love Luo Jin. 60 days of movies, from the heat of summer to autumn, displaying real desire, humanity, struggle, and thought. Let us anticipate the male lead Wang Dong together. See you on the big screen.

[+484] A movie is the path to the consciousness. It’s long, colorful, desolate, and free. Time is concentrated, and inner strength is needed to break free of the shackles at hand. Eight months after being done with filming, Wang Dong’s resonance still sounds. The movie is on its way, and I really want to show the future audience your strength and emotions.

[+471] The director says, “None of my colleagues have lowered their standards”. Looking forward to “Tracing”!



Yang Mi.

[+2,747] I’m waiting for you, Mr. Beiji

[+1,695] Love you!

[+1,361] Love you beauty!

[+1,166] The fall of the Beiji beauty

[+861] Can’t wait for summer~ [舔屏][舔屏][舔屏][舔屏][舔屏]

[+815] Can’t wait for Beiji

[+731] Where are Yang Mi’s true love fans! Are there any of you who will never stop stan’ing her!



Ouyang Nana.

Who will be the most popular star of the night? Support your idol!

Wang Kai.

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